East Bay Bike Party February: MARVELous Riders



Friday, February 9, 2018

Meetup 7:30m, rollout 8 PM

Starts at El Cerrito del Norte BART. Ends near Richmond BART.

WHAM! BLAM!! Ride with East Bay Bike Party and our super squad of MARVELOUS RIDERS! (DC Cousins welcome, as well!)

Not all heroes wear capes, but THEY DO ALL FOLLOW BIKE PARTY RIDE RULES!!

~Stop at Lights
~Stay to the Right
~Ride Straight & predictably
~Pack your trash
~Don’t get smashed (Hulks, excepted)

The route will end near Richmond BART station.

Help out with bike party and volunteer at a turn corner! Find the green flag before the ride to learn more about volunteering and being part of our monthly pedal-powered family (100% free, volunteer organized, and open to anyone).


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East Bay Bike Party January – Bundled Up in Blue


Got the post-holiday blues? Need a New Year pick-me-up? Layer on all your blue clothes, pull out your blue bike lights and decorations, and come out for a HILLY and CHILLY ride to celebrate the winter season!
Friday, January 12, 2018
Meetup Oakland Coliseum BART 7:30 PM, rollout 8 PM.

These are our rules:
Basically, don’t be a jerk. If you’re a jerk, we all look like jerks. And nobody wants to look like a jerk.

Meet in parking lot behind Coliseum BART at 7:30, roll out at 8:00.
Stops at Dimond Park and Bushrod Park.
End at Ohlone Park across the street from North Berkeley BART.
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East Bay Bike Party December – Nightmare Before Solstice Ride



Bike party celebrates the Nightmare Before Solstice! (happy HOLIDAYS y’all…. the Christmas version is copyright Disney;) )

Come with your spooky spirits, favorite holiday sweaters, any and all ways you wish to celebrate the twinkling and terrifying nightmare before Christmas season.
Christmas costumes, Jack Skellington costumes, spooky halloween and any costumes encouraged! This ride is actually a reverse-ish route of October’s 2spooky 2smookey ride.

Friday, December 8, 2017.

Ride starts at Richmond BART, ends in Oakland.

Meetup Richmond BART at 7:30 PM, rollout 8.

BRIGHT YOUR LIGHTS AND WEAR YOUR LAYERS!!!! this will be a cold and dark ride
Stop at lights – stay to the right – ride straight – don’t hate – pack your trash – don’t get smashed!

===== BIKE PARTY ======

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East Bay Bike Party November: Smurf’s Up!

This Friday, GET SMURFED OUT as we party with our fellow smurfs. We’re painting the town blue with our wave of smurf cyclists. Smurf’s Up!!!
Friday, November 10, 2017
Meetup: 7:30 PM, Rollout 8PM
Route starts at San Leandro BART, ends by Lake Merritt BART.

It’s getting cold & dark little smurfkins.
Be sure to bring:
LIGHTS! Stay bright and visible!!
LOCKS! Be careful leaving your bikes and things unattended.
LAYERS! Brrrrr……….
Bike Party is a self-supported ride. It takes EVERYONE to make it the event that it is. Be sure you and your bike are ready to ride (food and snacks for you, air and tools for your bike!). And as always, follow the 6 simple ride rules so we can all smurf along on our bicycles smurfuly.

**************STAY TO THE RIGHT
***DON”T HATE !! ******

Bike Party! :)

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East Bay Bike Party presents: A Special Halloween Parade Ride!

East Bay Bike Party presents: A Special Halloween Parade Ride!
Remember in elementary school, everyone gathering outside in their costumes and parading around the blacktop?! Or, maybe you or little ones close to you are doing that this Halloween! Well we invite you to a Halloween parade, ON BIKES!

This route will start an hour earlier than bike party (meetup 6:30, roll 7). It will also be a very short route at a slow pace. We invite everyone to come out in their costumes, spooky or not, and parade around Berkeley for a fun ride for all. Route starts at Ashby BART and ends at Ashby too.

Light up yourself and your bike! It’s gonna be dark already!!! Also locks and layers, bike tools, everything you need for a self supported bike ride.

The ride will probably end on the early side. Plenty of time to roll deep with your friends to Halloween festivities later in the night.

Not feeling a slower, chiller bike party? Maybe check out Critical Mass in SF! They ride on the last Friday of every month, at 5:30pm at Pee Wee Herman Plaza at the foot of Market Street. Critical Mass is now over 25 years old, and we wouldn’t be where we are in regards to urban cycling and cycling culture without them. Check out their dos & donts – http://www.sfcriticalmass.org/2009/10/27/critical-mass-dos-donts/

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East Bay Bike Party October: ToO sPo0kY!

Image may contain: text and outdoor
East Bay Bike Party Rides on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH of October 2017. Come ride in your finest spookwear, be it halloween costumes, zombies, goblins or ghouls. Don’t forget your lights as we spook up the night.
START: Ashby BART station, 7:30 pm meetup, rollout 8 PM.
ENDS: Near Richmond BART
Avoid any bad luck on such a spooky evening by following our simple ride rules —
STOP at lights
Stay to the RIGHT
Ride STRAIGHT (and predictably)
Don’t get smashed!!
Bike Party is a self supported ride. Bring our locks, lights, layers, snacks, bike tools.
See the green flag in the beginning of the ride to help volunteer for a turn! Bike party is 100% volunteer run (sppoooooky)
bike party!!!!!!!
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East Bay Bike Party: The Rave on Wheels Ride!

Image may contain: night, plant and outdoor
In celebration of all things Bay Area Bike Party, we are having a common theme with SFBP as well as SJBP. Come join us and we will dance to the Deep House into the night!
We are meeting a Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley just blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART.

This is a ride for EVERYONE, so please follow Bike Party’s simple rules to make it safe and enjoyable for all:

Stay to the Right
Stop at Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed

Also, don’t forget your: Lights, lock, layers, water, helmet & tools.

This is a self supported ride & volunteer lead ride – looking forward to seeing YOU there. BIKE PARTYYY!!

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