East Bay Bike Party July: It’s All Greek To Me!


“It’s a toga party
Who could ask for more
It’s a toga party
Leave your monotheism at the door”-Aristotle

~I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO SAY THIS, WHICH MEANS I SHOULD PROBABLY SAY IT~: If you’re gonna wear a toga (and I sure am!), make sure you can ride in it :)

How we do:
Stop at Lights (they are signs from the gods)
Stay Right (riding in the left lane is soooooo Trojan)
Pack Your Trash (this ain’t Mt. Olympus — no one’s cleaning up after you)
Don’t Get Smashed (don’t embarrass yourself OR Dionysus)
Ride Straight (be as predictable as the translation of the Odyssey you read in high school)
Don’t Hate (just rollllll past conflict, Sisyphus)

Meetup Mosswood Park (4 blocks from MacArthur BART) at 7:30 PM, Rollout 8 PM. The ride will end ~1 mile from Downtown Berkeley BART.

FRIDAY, JULY 8TH, 2016. EBBP is always on the 2nd Friday of the month.

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EBBP – June 2016: Warriors Come Out & Play!



Bike Party! Are you all ready to kick off the 1st East Bay Summer Bike Party Ride!!! Come out in your blue and gold colors to support your local bay area basketball team. Not a basketball fan? That’s OK; come out in your favorite local Bay Area sports team gear. Not a sports fan? That’s OK; come have fun time on your bicycle! Leave the drama at home, have a fun time, and make new friends! Strength in numbers!

Meet up @ San Leandro BART at 7:30 PM on Friday, June 10.
Roll out at 8:00 PM.
Last stop near West Oakland BART.

Follow the lead bicycle (with green flag!) or follow turn-by-turn directions (posted online 24 hours in advance) at your own pace.

East Bay Bike Party adheres to the following principles:
*Stay to the right
*Stop at lights
*Ride straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed

Also remember LIGHTS, LOCKS, LAYERS!

Bike Party is a self supported ride. Bring your bike tools, snacks for yourself, and anything else you need to get you through 13 1/2 miles. YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!

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EBBP – May 2016: The Cartoon Ride!


We know that just last month, San Jose Bike Party did their Disney Character ride. But we ALSO know that lots of you cool cats don’t wanna fit into Disney’s socially constructed gender roles of Disney princesses and prince charmings and what not. (But it’s totally cool if you do and want to rep that! Cuz that’s what dressing up as a character all about!)

So join East Bay Bike Party and other characters of all shapes and sizes, for a night of wacky, animated, loony, and silly cartoons out on their bikes.

Meetup at 12th Street BART Station / Frank Ogawa Plaza
Friday, May 13th (spooky!)
Meetup 7:30 PM, roll out 8 PM

The ride will end near 19th St BART.

East Bay Bike Party adheres to the following principles:
*Stay to the right
*Stop at lights
*Ride straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed

The sharpest characters also remember their three L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, LAYERS

Bike Party is a self supported ride. Bring your bike tools, snacks for yourself, and anything else you need to get you through an animated night of ~15 miles.


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East Bay Bike Party April: “The Misfits”


When you were a kid growing up were you a misfit? Were you the odd kid they called weird or strange? Did you grow up in suburban Hell where conformity was prized and individuality was frowned upon? Then this ride is for you! Join us far to the East beyond the hills and out into the valleys of banality, subdivisions and shopping malls as we proudly wear our individuality together and show the sheeple that WE are the kool kids now! Whatever that you were back then, the science geek, the D&D kid, the Goth Girl, the Mod, the Stoner, come dressed proudly and be frowned upon no more! (wearing braces is optional).

WHERE: Meetup at Concord BART. The route ends near Concord BART.

WHEN:  Friday, April 8, 2016. Meetup 7:30 PM, rollout 8 PM.


*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed

The three L’s for a Life of Longevity: LIGHTS, LOCKS, LAYERS!

EBBP is a self supported ride so be ready to ride 10-15 miles, have yer bike tools, pump up your tires beforehand, pack your snacks, maybe a lunchbox and a pencil case too just for good measure.



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EBBP March: Bed, Bath, Bikes & Beyond


Us Bike Partiers all live different lives, spanning so many different experiences. But there are some things that are constant and that we all have in common– things like our sleep, our hygeine, the importance of our home lives and daily routines. And for many of us, bikes are one of those constants as well. Wrapped up into our daily lives, we start our mornings with them on our commute- they allow us to see our friends and family – we run errands, buy groceries, go to stores to use our 20% off coupons – and, of course on 2nd Fridays, gather at bike party to celebrate all things bikey.

So roll out of bed in your PJs and slippers — hop out of the shower in your bath towels and shower caps (and don’t forget mr. rubber ducky) — or…. dare you go……. BEYOND?! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml0AfRmcRf8)

Whatever your daily routine, come ride with East Bay Bike Party’s Bed, Bath, Bikes, and beyond ride.

Where: Fruitvale BART. Ends near 12st BART station.
When: Friday, March 11th, 7:30 PM.

Go BEYOND the call of duty by being an ****excellent*** bike partier! Sign up to volunteer for a turn the night of the party- find the green flag and volunteer coordinator.

As always, our simple ride rules to keep everyone well rested and squeaky clean (er, or… keep everyone safe and happy)

* Stay to the Right
* Stop at Lights
* Ride Straight (and predictably)
* Don’t hate
* Pack your trash
* Don’t get smashed



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East Bay Bike Party February: HIGHER Love


This month’s EBBP is taking us to new heights. The theme of February’s ride is HIGHER Love.

Show your love for bikes, heights, and bike party.

Grab your valentine and get ready to get hot and heavy…. As bike party shows its love for some hills! While we aren’t going to scare the SF folks with our route, it’s a little bit more climbing than we usually do. There will be two hills with 300 ft climbing. It’ll be exhilirating if you’re into that kind of riding! Even if you’re not into it- we know you can ride up these gentle hills! And it’ll understandbly be a slow roll up them, with walking a bike up being a totally fine option as well. Additionally, the regroup spots will be posted on the Facebook & Instagram page so you can skip the climbs if you like.

We encourage you all to come get a little higher with us this month. The downhill payoff after you reach the top is worth it. Come on everybody, we want to take you higher and bring you to a higher love!

When & Where?

Friday, February 12. Meetup 7:30 PM, rollout at 8 PM.

North Berkeley BART Station

The ride will end near Downtown Berkeley BART.

As always, don’t forget how we ride:
*Stop at lights
*Stay to the right
*Ride straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed

Bring your LIGHTS, your LOCK, and your LAYERS!

Bike party is a self-supported ride. Please be ready for 12-15 miles of riding (with regroup stops), and make sure you have your bike tools, any snacks, clothing, a lock, lights, an empty bag to pack your trash in, and a good head on your shoulders!

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East Bay Bike Party’s Rat Race Ride to kick off 2016!


Get ready for the wackiest bike party yet. Join East Bay Bike Party on our first ride of 2016. Hosted by the Lake Rats, this will be a RAT RACE like no other.

For January’s East Bay Bike Party, we want you to show us the wackiest you’ve got. Bikes, costumes, games, all of it. Bring out your Art Bikes , Mini Bikes, Tall Bikes and in fact all bikes. The route will be ideal for Mini and Art bikes, meaning that it will not be as quick paced as our other bike party rides.

There will be some things not seen at Bike Party before like short course appliance racing and other mini-bike games. Costumes of all types are encouraged and welcomed. Our resident Pomeranian Toby says he has worked hard on his mini Wookie costume so he is going to wear it. The pace of this ride will be slow so it will be a good ride for kids. The whole plan of the ride is to have people’s asses fall off due to laughing.

When and Where?
Friday, January 8th. Meetup 7:30 PM,  rollout 8 pm.
START: Lake Merritt BART
The ride will end near Lake Merritt BART as well.

Remember how EBBP Rides:
*Stop at Lights
*Stay to the Right
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed
Don’t forget your lights, your lock, and your layers.
Bike Party is a ride that brings out hundreds of riders from different skillsets and on different bikes. Please be respectful of your fellow riders- ride straight and predictably. Be respectful of the communities we roll through- roll past conflict with cars, pedestrians, and other road users.
We encourage music bikes to turn down their volume when we roll through quiet neighborhood streets later in the evening.
We don’t want to trash our beautiful East Bay. If you brought it with you, you can take the trash back home with you. Find a trash can. Find the Recycle bikes. BRING CANS, NOT GLASS- cans are lighter, and they wont break and cause a hazard to bikes.
Bike Party is a PEOPLE POWERED PARTY. While we do know that many bikes and transportation devices have electric assists, we try to encourage pedal power as much as possible. That said, there have recently been some gas powered bikes. This is not cool, is not in the ethos of Bike Party, and does not make a pleasant experience for other partiers. We just want to party together and have fun! So again, be respectful of your fellow riders and the party we are all creating together.
Remember, follow the Green Flag. That is the START of the ride. If you are going ahead of it, you may not end up on the correct route!
Interested in volunteering with Bike Party? We always appreciate our volunteers directing riders at the turns and corners! Find the volunteer coordinator at the green flag before the ride to volunteer.
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