East Bay Bike Party November: 60s Ride!

Bike Party is time traveling back to the 1960s this November! It was the decade of hippies, tie-dye, bell-bottoms, paisley, miniskirts, go-go boots, counterculture, anti-war protests, civil rights movement, space exploration, The Beatles and more!

Pick your favorite rad look and meet at Rockridge BART at 7:30pm, roll out at 8pm.

Ends near MacArthur BART.

Be there or be square!

Follow these groovy rules:
Stop at Lights
Stay to the Right
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash
Don’t get Smashed

Also remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, AND LAYERS!

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East Bay Bike Party October: Trick or Treat!!


East Bay Bike Party’s October Ride will take a step away from the traditional Zombie theme, and instead be a s000 spo000000ky Halloween Ride!

Get your costumes ready early to make use of them during a festive filled month. And this by no means you can’t don your zombie makeup and feast on some brains during the evening (BIKE PARTY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSUMED HUMANS DURING THIS RIDE.)

Let’s all go Trick or Treat together, and by trick I mean ride bikes, and Treat I mean enjoying ourselves and the wonderful bike folk and neighborhoods that we party with and ride through every month.

San Leandro BART
7:30 PM, Rollout 8
The route will end at Bay Fair BART.

Even the sp000000kiest of skeletons follows our simple bike party rules, they aren’t 2sp00ky4bikeparty:

Stop at Lights
Stay to the Right
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash!!
Don’t get Smashed

Mr. Skeltal also recommends that remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, AND LAYERS! (thank mr skeltal)

It’s getting darker, ghouls come out at night! Bike Party is always in the evening, please always bring your lights.
Bike thieves are not ghosts- they are a very unfortunate reality and you should be diligent and bring a lock or keep an eye on your bike.
It’s getting colder, bundle up witches! You probably should bring layers with you anywhere you go in the Bay Area, though.

REMEMBER, this is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT self-supported ride. Pump up your tires, keep some tools and snacks on you… oh and bring a plastic trash bag to PACK YOUR TRASH! If you brought it with you, you can take it home.

Did you know Bike Party is also 100% volunteer run? Pipe up if you’re interested in plugging in- going to test rides is of immense help. We sign up turn corner volunteers at the green flag before the ride starts.

The route will start at San Leandro BART and end right by Bayfair BART (in time to catch BART, as is always the case)


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EBBP – September 2015: Gettin’ Rich


Have dream$ about the ea$y life? Enrich your existence by Gettin’ Rich with East Bay Bike Party!

Whether you’re getting your MBA or getting down with the NWA, Bike Party is the best place to be the second Friday of every month!

We here at Bike Party are down with the KI$$ method of riding. So don’t forget our simple ride style:

> Stay to the right
> Stop at lights
> Ride straight
> Don’t hate
> Pack your trash
> Don’t get smashed

We’ll meet across the street from Del Norte BART (same spot as last month because KI$$). Route will be posted on Facebook 24 hours before the ride. End point is near Del Norte BART.

Meet September 11 at 7:30. Rollin’ (in dough) at 8:00.

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EBBP – September 2015: Test Ride #1


We go on test rides in preparation for each month’s ride. Perhaps you’ve seen them mentioned on our Facebook page or been curious about how it all works. By popular request, we’re posting the next test ride here too to spread the word.

Join us for our first test ride for September’s East Bay Bike Party. Test rides are a fun way to check out the planned route, meet fellow bike party fans and volunteers, and enjoy a smaller group ride.

We’ll meet this Saturday, August 22, at the same place as August’s ride: in the parking lot across the street from Del Norte BART. Type “1950 Kearney Street” into your GPS if you have trouble finding us.

Meet at 5, roll at 5:30. Don’t be late!

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East Bay Bike Party August 2015: A Gathering

The theme for the August ride is something we are calling ” A Gathering “. I’m calling on all the bike crews that inhabit the bay area bike-o-sphere to come out and show your colors and rally around the flag. A flag of your own making. I’m sponsoring a flag contest. The best flag with the most righteous crew wins. Your tribe doesn’t have to be a bike crew. If you want to carry the Warriors banner, feel free, Maybe your tribe wants to carry the banner of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin, go ahead. Burners, Zombie riders, DC Comic fans, yoga practitioners, the list goes on. One of the best things about bike party is how this diverse community, that calls the bay area their home, comes together for the big group bike ride. Let’s celebrate it.The Gathering Ride is all about building up the strength of the bike crews in the area. Group rides are and should be happening all the time with or without EBBP. This next bike party is your crews chance to step up identify yourselves and let the everyone know you are here, you believe in the principles of bike party and you are ready to lead in our biking community.

We will also be hosting a FLAG CONTEST and a DANCE OFF for crews!

I hope you all are working on your flags and getting your crews gear together. The group that wins the Flag/Banner contest will receive a $200 Wholefoods gift card. This could be a good start towards a decent picnic/ BBQ for the winning crew.
Points will be awarded for flag design, clothing coordination and riding presentation.Let us know (comment/communicate to us someway, or fill in this google doc) if you’re planning on reppin’!

How about you dancers?Fill in the spreadsheet to request a song to groove to! We’ll be getting down at the first stop.

Remember our 6 rules, and make sure all your friends and fellow crewmates do too:

*Stay to the Right
*Stop at lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed

When & Where?
Starts at El Cerrito Del Norte BART, ends near Downtown Berkeley BART.
Meetup 7:30 pm, rollout 8.
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July East Bay Bike Party: La Lotería


July EBBP: La Lotería

Lotería is a Latin game that originated from Mexico game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers on ping pong balls. The deck is composed of a set of 54 different images, each one in a card. This theme allows for an option of 54 different costumes! For July we want to bring the good fun times at bike party where everyone dresses up in costumes rides bikes. Don’t leave your 2nd Friday’s night fun up to chance- Get on your bike and ride!!

WHERE? Meetup at Ashby BART station. Check back shortly for the nearest BART station for the end.

We will post the route map the day before the ride.

WHEN? Always the 2nd Friday of the month: July 10, 2015.

Meetup at 7:30 PM, roll at 8 PM SHARP!

Remember our simple bike party rules! And be sure to spread the good word to friends and fellow riders

  • Stay to the Right! NEVER ride opposing traffic, and try to stay right to let cars by on the left side.
  • Stop at lights! We don’t cork or blow through intersections.
  • Ride straight! Be predictable in riding in a group- EBBP draws hundreds of riders.
  • Don’t Hate! Respect everyone at Bike Party, on the streets, and in the neighborhoods we ride in.
  • Pack your trash! Obvious. Come on folks!!! If you brought it with you, you can take the trash home with you.
  • Don’t get smashed! Stay in control during the ride and the night.

When in doubt… BIKE PARTY! Make some noise, but do be aware of when we are riding late at night through residential neighborhoods. Especially so if you have a speaker or sound system.

EBBP is a self-supported ride. As such, be sure to pump up your tires, have necessary flat repair/tools, bring LIGHTS, LOCKS, and LAYERS!


Interested in volunteering and helping out Bike Party? (we are entirely volunteer run!) Test rides are a great way to plug in. Sign up to be a turn volunteer and guide bike party through the route the night of- find the green flag and the volunteer coordinator to volunteer at a turn.

See you on the 2nd Friday! Join the EBBP Facebook group, follow the @EastBayBikeParty Instagram or @ebbikeparty Twitter to find more info on test rides and the route.



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June East Bay Bike Party- Fiddler’s Shuffle

Fiddler’s Shuffle? http://bit.ly/fiddlersshuffle

Come out to June’s East Bay Bike Party for a night of play, dance, bike- however your style or jam.

Friday, June 12

7:30pm and roll out 8:00pm sharp

We will start at Mosswood Park. Mosswood Park is very near Macarthur BART, and the finish is near Rockridge BART.

By joining, you know how we ride:

* Stay to the right
* Stop at lights
* Ride straight
* Don’t hate
* Pack your trash
* Don’t get smashed*Remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, LAYERS

* Pump up your tires to avoid flats, and bring your own flat kit/spare tube.

We need your help. If you wish to help on the night of as a turn volunteer – we need to have all turns spoken for before we roll – please introduce yourself to the volunteer coordinator at the leader’s flag.

EBBP is always on the second Friday of the month. Bike Party!

#eastbaybikeparty #ebbp

We are not a race nor a riot. We Are Your Cycling Sisters and Brothers. We want you to enjoy riding bikes


We Are Not Responsible For YOU

Our limited organization, with zero funding, and the raddest volunteer core in the universe, plans and test routes for general group enjoyment

but… (and This is Important…)

EBBP Does Not Assure Your SECURITY. Nor do we take any responsibility for YOUR actions; Nor are we anywhere near responsible for the actions of any riders; And we certainly are not responsible for any DRIVERS actions. Ride at your own risk.

If you show up at EBBP you will NOT be asked sign a liability or release form; and you will not be required to identify yourself, and you will not be required to pay any fees; you are only asked to participate responsibly, have fun, and help contribute to our celebration of the bicycle. Basically, NO JERKS.

Only you are responsible for yourself, and you will have no standing to hold the entire EBBP group or any individual associated with the group liable, nor any actual or perceived “leader”of the group liable for any harm or damage that may result from your participation in the ride.


We do not litter, we respect this place we all call home.

We do not leave empty containers, discarded wrappers, cigarette butts, or any other “Matter Out of Place” anywhere except appropriate recycling, composting, or garbage container. Littering is EBBP’s pet peeve, all participants and EBBP riders are empowered to ask litterers to leave the bike party immediately.

We endeavor to always improve our contribution to the environment and welcome feedback.


Ride straight, be predictable when making changes. Call out when you see ahead that can cause danger to another, i.e. “Squirrel! Tourist! Curb!” Speak up, let yourself be heard.

Accidents happen but it’s what happens after that also counts. If you should crash with another bicyclist, make sure you are both ok, shake it off and hug it out. Protect your front tire. If you are following someone so closely that your front tire even grazes their back tire, YOU will instantly fall. If you are slowing down, yell, “Slowing!” Otherwise the person behind you will eat leaves.

Say hi to your friends, ride with a different crowd, meet new people. Be Kind to people in Cars and on Foot, they might join us later. Ride smart, keep your friendly distance. Obey traffic signals, stop at lights.

Help Build Our Community

Roll away from conflict. We want to be remembered for the joy and civic pride we bring to the city, not for being aggressive bros/jerks. Ask yourself if engaging in conflict is worth it.

Shout out to our fellow Bike Party’s around the world, especially SFBP, SJBP and DCBP.

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