East Bay Bike Party February: HIGHER Love


This month’s EBBP is taking us to new heights. The theme of February’s ride is HIGHER Love.

Show your love for bikes, heights, and bike party.

Grab your valentine and get ready to get hot and heavy…. As bike party shows its love for some hills! While we aren’t going to scare the SF folks with our route, it’s a little bit more climbing than we usually do. There will be two hills with 300 ft climbing. It’ll be exhilirating if you’re into that kind of riding! Even if you’re not into it- we know you can ride up these gentle hills! And it’ll understandbly be a slow roll up them, with walking a bike up being a totally fine option as well. Additionally, the regroup spots will be posted on the Facebook & Instagram page so you can skip the climbs if you like.

We encourage you all to come get a little higher with us this month. The downhill payoff after you reach the top is worth it. Come on everybody, we want to take you higher and bring you to a higher love!

When & Where?

Friday, February 12. Meetup 7:30 PM, rollout at 8 PM.

North Berkeley BART Station

The ride will end near Downtown Berkeley BART.

As always, don’t forget how we ride:
*Stop at lights
*Stay to the right
*Ride straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed

Bring your LIGHTS, your LOCK, and your LAYERS!

Bike party is a self-supported ride. Please be ready for 12-15 miles of riding (with regroup stops), and make sure you have your bike tools, any snacks, clothing, a lock, lights, an empty bag to pack your trash in, and a good head on your shoulders!

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East Bay Bike Party’s Rat Race Ride to kick off 2016!


Get ready for the wackiest bike party yet. Join East Bay Bike Party on our first ride of 2016. Hosted by the Lake Rats, this will be a RAT RACE like no other.

For January’s East Bay Bike Party, we want you to show us the wackiest you’ve got. Bikes, costumes, games, all of it. Bring out your Art Bikes , Mini Bikes, Tall Bikes and in fact all bikes. The route will be ideal for Mini and Art bikes, meaning that it will not be as quick paced as our other bike party rides.

There will be some things not seen at Bike Party before like short course appliance racing and other mini-bike games. Costumes of all types are encouraged and welcomed. Our resident Pomeranian Toby says he has worked hard on his mini Wookie costume so he is going to wear it. The pace of this ride will be slow so it will be a good ride for kids. The whole plan of the ride is to have people’s asses fall off due to laughing.

When and Where?
Friday, January 8th. Meetup 7:30 PM,  rollout 8 pm.
START: Lake Merritt BART
The ride will end near Lake Merritt BART as well.

Remember how EBBP Rides:
*Stop at Lights
*Stay to the Right
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed
Don’t forget your lights, your lock, and your layers.
Bike Party is a ride that brings out hundreds of riders from different skillsets and on different bikes. Please be respectful of your fellow riders- ride straight and predictably. Be respectful of the communities we roll through- roll past conflict with cars, pedestrians, and other road users.
We encourage music bikes to turn down their volume when we roll through quiet neighborhood streets later in the evening.
We don’t want to trash our beautiful East Bay. If you brought it with you, you can take the trash back home with you. Find a trash can. Find the Recycle bikes. BRING CANS, NOT GLASS- cans are lighter, and they wont break and cause a hazard to bikes.
Bike Party is a PEOPLE POWERED PARTY. While we do know that many bikes and transportation devices have electric assists, we try to encourage pedal power as much as possible. That said, there have recently been some gas powered bikes. This is not cool, is not in the ethos of Bike Party, and does not make a pleasant experience for other partiers. We just want to party together and have fun! So again, be respectful of your fellow riders and the party we are all creating together.
Remember, follow the Green Flag. That is the START of the ride. If you are going ahead of it, you may not end up on the correct route!
Interested in volunteering with Bike Party? We always appreciate our volunteers directing riders at the turns and corners! Find the volunteer coordinator at the green flag before the ride to volunteer.
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East Bay Bike Party December: Get Your Kicks on Ride #66! YOUnity Ride


This December will be Bike Party’s 66TH ride!! So get your kicks on ride 66!
YOUnity RIDE: Dress to represent – yourself, your culture, your ancestry, your personality, your community.

Dress to represent – yourself, your culture, your ancestry, your personality, your community.
Every single one of you who comes out for bike party is what makes bike party our specialy monthly celebration that it is.
When & Where
Friday, December 11
Oakland Colliseum BART
7:30 PM, rollout 8 pm.
The ride will end near 19th street BART.
Following the six simple ride rules also keeps this monthly event as safe as possible for us all and the communities we’re rollin’ in:
* Stop at lights
* Stay to the right
* Ride Straight
* Don’t Hate
* Pack your trash
* Don’t get smashed
When in doubt…. BIKE PARTY!
Some other good gudelines to keep it all rolling:
~~ Keep music down while in neighborhoods late at night- speaker bikes, it’s easy to temporarily take it down a notch or two!
~~ Cans > Glass!! Not only do your bike tires hate glass bottles and broken glass, but the recycle bikes do too. And if you don’t find a trash can or recycle bike to throw your trash away… you brought it there with you, didn’t you? So, I bet ya can pack it out too ;)
And don’t forget to keep yourself in bike mode and party mode the whole night!
*LIGHTS! The sun has died this winter and we hope you are keeping well lit on the streets. Same for bike party.
*LOCKS! Keep an eye on your bike or keep it locked up. Bike party isn’t reseponsible for stolen bikes (or at that matter, anything at all), so let’s all do our due diligence because of course we all grealy lament bike thefts.
*LAYERS! In case any of you didn’t get the memo that it’s been cold.
Again, Bike party is a self supported ride. So inflate your tires before hand, bring your bike tools, and make sure you’ve got your own snacks n fuel for the ride, the party, and your kicks, on EBBP’s ride 66!!!
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East Bay Bike Party November: 60s Ride!

Bike Party is time traveling back to the 1960s this November! It was the decade of hippies, tie-dye, bell-bottoms, paisley, miniskirts, go-go boots, counterculture, anti-war protests, civil rights movement, space exploration, The Beatles and more!

Pick your favorite rad look and meet at Rockridge BART at 7:30pm, roll out at 8pm.

Ends near MacArthur BART.

Be there or be square!

Follow these groovy rules:
Stop at Lights
Stay to the Right
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash
Don’t get Smashed

Also remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, AND LAYERS!

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East Bay Bike Party October: Trick or Treat!!


East Bay Bike Party’s October Ride will take a step away from the traditional Zombie theme, and instead be a s000 spo000000ky Halloween Ride!

Get your costumes ready early to make use of them during a festive filled month. And this by no means you can’t don your zombie makeup and feast on some brains during the evening (BIKE PARTY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSUMED HUMANS DURING THIS RIDE.)

Let’s all go Trick or Treat together, and by trick I mean ride bikes, and Treat I mean enjoying ourselves and the wonderful bike folk and neighborhoods that we party with and ride through every month.

San Leandro BART
7:30 PM, Rollout 8
The route will end at Bay Fair BART.

Even the sp000000kiest of skeletons follows our simple bike party rules, they aren’t 2sp00ky4bikeparty:

Stop at Lights
Stay to the Right
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash!!
Don’t get Smashed

Mr. Skeltal also recommends that remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, AND LAYERS! (thank mr skeltal)

It’s getting darker, ghouls come out at night! Bike Party is always in the evening, please always bring your lights.
Bike thieves are not ghosts- they are a very unfortunate reality and you should be diligent and bring a lock or keep an eye on your bike.
It’s getting colder, bundle up witches! You probably should bring layers with you anywhere you go in the Bay Area, though.

REMEMBER, this is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT self-supported ride. Pump up your tires, keep some tools and snacks on you… oh and bring a plastic trash bag to PACK YOUR TRASH! If you brought it with you, you can take it home.

Did you know Bike Party is also 100% volunteer run? Pipe up if you’re interested in plugging in- going to test rides is of immense help. We sign up turn corner volunteers at the green flag before the ride starts.

The route will start at San Leandro BART and end right by Bayfair BART (in time to catch BART, as is always the case)


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EBBP – September 2015: Gettin’ Rich


Have dream$ about the ea$y life? Enrich your existence by Gettin’ Rich with East Bay Bike Party!

Whether you’re getting your MBA or getting down with the NWA, Bike Party is the best place to be the second Friday of every month!

We here at Bike Party are down with the KI$$ method of riding. So don’t forget our simple ride style:

> Stay to the right
> Stop at lights
> Ride straight
> Don’t hate
> Pack your trash
> Don’t get smashed

We’ll meet across the street from Del Norte BART (same spot as last month because KI$$). Route will be posted on Facebook 24 hours before the ride. End point is near Del Norte BART.

Meet September 11 at 7:30. Rollin’ (in dough) at 8:00.

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EBBP – September 2015: Test Ride #1


We go on test rides in preparation for each month’s ride. Perhaps you’ve seen them mentioned on our Facebook page or been curious about how it all works. By popular request, we’re posting the next test ride here too to spread the word.

Join us for our first test ride for September’s East Bay Bike Party. Test rides are a fun way to check out the planned route, meet fellow bike party fans and volunteers, and enjoy a smaller group ride.

We’ll meet this Saturday, August 22, at the same place as August’s ride: in the parking lot across the street from Del Norte BART. Type “1950 Kearney Street” into your GPS if you have trouble finding us.

Meet at 5, roll at 5:30. Don’t be late!

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