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If you want to get the word out about East Bay Bike Party, we’d love it.  Feel free to print out these flyers and distribute them at will!  Click either image to get the full-sized version.

Bike Party Flyer - side 1 Bike party flyer - side 2

9 Responses to Flyers, Media & Art

  1. Daniel suarez says:

    Please let me know any events my kids have been talking about it 2 years ago

  2. Monica says:

    What are the dates for OctoberS bike party the flyer shows Fri 10/9

  3. amy voisenat says:

    We are a new beer garden in Berkeley. How do we get on the list?

    • Michael Christ says:

      You don’t Lamy. We don’t want alcoholics on our rides. Mike C.

      • wino says:

        As a dry drunk I’m going to ride anyway. And if a beer garden wants to pedal around with us, I’m OK with that too, just don’t get smashed, beer garden. Bear in mind some kids ride with us and while seeing a beer garden pedal around would be nifty, kids are not welcome in a beer garden.

      • Arturo E. Hernandez says:

        I’m pretty sure you have lots of those. They just don’t get drunk on EBBP night (I hope) I think a more compassionate answer would have been: We don’t promote drinking establishments, sorry.

  4. Bostyon says:

    you can check out for the upcoming Bike Parties

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