EBBP April: The Don’t Panic & Bring a Towel Ride!

Hop on your bike, and, oh! Don’t forget a towel!! As we hitch a ride out of this world for April’s East Bay Bike Party.

START: Castro Valley BART station
ENDS: San Leandro BART station

Meetup Friday April 14 at 7:30 pm, roll 8 pm.

DON’T PANIC! And remember to bring lights, locks, and layers. EBBP is a 100% volunteer led, self-supported ride, so bring everything you need for a ~15 mile bike ride.

THE ANSWER TO BIKE PARTY BIKE PARTY IS…42! But the answer to a safe and healthy ride for all is our six simple ride rules:
*STAY TO THE RIGHT (let cars pass on the left hand side)
*STOP AT LIGHTS (Do NOT cork intersections, let traffic flow, volunteers are posted at turns/corners for the whole ride to get through).
*RIDE STRAIGHT (predictably, don’t swerve)
*DON’T HATE (be a good person; roll past conflict)
*PACK YOUR TRASH (don’t litter in this beautiful universe of ours!)
*DON’T GET SMASHED (Stay alert and in control for your and others’ safety).

When in doubt… again don’t panic! and bring a towel!!!!!!!!!!! AND BIKE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

ROUTE MAP: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?fbclid=IwAR33HWXYDmsRiKAnFK-x_UehRGbpkiAIxHR7Dl29RWEcnP3rJ44N4eUwG_E&mid=1gqkL0-eGrBwOb-qKWmfNvYE4N-AAkZU&ll=37.69629071269336%2C-122.11837499999999&z=14


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