East Bay Bike Party June: Pirates on Vacation Island



BIKE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You wont wanna miss this amazing Summer East Bay Bike Party Ride.

START: West Oakland BART
END: Oakland, nearest BART TBA

Friday, June 14 (EBBP is always the 2nd Friday of the month!)
Meetup 7:30 pm, rollout 8 PM

Arrr Matey– even pirates need a vacation sometimes. Join Bike Party as we swashbuckle up for an exiciting ride.

~ Stay to the Right
~ Stop at Lights
~ Ride straight
~ Don’t Hate
~ Pack your trash
~ Don’t get smashed

Bike Party is 100% volunteer run, and totally self supported. Be sure to bring everything you need with you for a 12-15 mile ride. Including…
*Snacks, water, libations, bike tools

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90’s Baby! May 10th


All right, stop, collaborate and listen…Bike Party is back with a brand new invention…

Well… not that brand new. As for a Bike Party first, we are repeating a theme- AINT NO PARTY LIKE A 90S BIKE PARTY! PART TWO, ELECTRIC (BIKE) BOOGALOO

Meet at North Berkeley BART, ending near Downtown Berkeley BART
7:30 meet up, roll at 8pm!

Help throw one of the best bike dance parties of the year celebrating the 1990s! Mix tapes. R&b. Grunge. Cheesy dance pop.

Get out the puff paint and dress in your favorite 90s fashion: Slap bracelets. Fanny packs. Air Jordan’s. Flannel. Cords. Jansport backpacks. Track jackets. Bike caps. Doc Martens. No Fear. Pagers. Etc.

BRING: layers, locks, lights & love.

**REMEMBER, this is our community and YOU CREATE THE CULTURE OF BIKE PARTY. If you see something that is disrespectful, say something! We all love Bike Party and want to see it keep on keepin’ on.***

* Stay Right. * Stop At Lights. * Ride Straight. * Don’t Hate. * Pack Your Trash. * Don’t Get Smashed. *

Find the Green Flag to volunteer for a turn corner or learn more about EBBP.

And when in doubt? Bike Party!

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April Flowers Bring May Showers: FLOWER PEDAL

It’s that time of the month again!!!
EAST BAY BIKE PARTYYYY!!! Every second Friday. Meet @7:30, roll out at 8pm.
Meet @ Ashby BART station

Spring has sprung and the flowers are out celebrating! Our first stop will feature many beautiful flowers. Please do your best to enjoy the flowers without harming them.


bring your flowers!!! costumes always encouraged

Please remember the rules as this is an all volunteer run ride, all are welcome (no jerks)
Six simple rules to help ensure everyone has a safe and fun time riding in a large group:
~ Stop at lights
~ Keep to the right
~ Ride straight (and predictably)
~ Don’t hate (Roll past conflict)
~ Pack your Trash
~ Don’t get smashed

Meet @ Ashby BART station, ending near Lake Merritt Pergola/Columns
The ride will end at the columns with a show from the fire spinners. Note to the speaker bikes: the fire spinners have a set playlist they practice with so they kindly asked for a bit of space from large speaker bikes so they can do their routine.
Bike Party rides at night, and the Bay is subject to changing weather conditions. Everyone is responsible for keeping an eye on their own bikes and belongings, locks are good ideas to have for the party stops.**Be prepared to ride 12 miles w/ some hills and 2 stops during the route. Snacks, water, libations, bike tools, anything else you would need- this is a SELF supported ride.

Bike Party is 100% Volunteer run! Find the Green Flag to ask more about volunteering with Bike Party. We always need help the night of for turn volunteers to take a corner. AND WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS. Volunteering at a corner means getting to your assigned corner with the flag, staying at the corner and directing bike traffic through the turn. The end of Bike Party is our ‘Sweep,’ who has an actual broom on their bike and will let you know you’re done volunteering for the turn.

Hope to see you all there!
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East Bay Bike Party March: Lions & Lambs

No photo description available.


East Bay Bike Party March: Lions & Lambs

Friday, 3/8/19

Meetup 7:30 Pm rollout 8 PM

START: Richmond BART

END: Near El Cerrito Del Norte BART


It’s March baby!

Are we going in like a lion, and out like a lamb?
In like a lamb, out like a lion?
It’s been lions n lambs up and down with the weather we’re having lately!

So come dressed as either, or both, and prepared for all weather possibilities!

We will start at Richmond BART and end near El Cerrito Del Norte BART. We will post the route about a day before the ride.

Ride with bike party in following our six simple rules:
~Stop at Lights
~Stay to the right
~Ride Straight (predictibly)
~Don’t hate (roll past conflict)
~Pack your trash
~Don’t get smashed

Bike Party is a 100% volunteer led, self supported ride. Please bring everything you need for a 12-16 mile ride throughout the evening, such as: Snacks, water, bike tools, clothes/layers, bike lights, and a lock.

Get involved with bike party! Find the green flag at the start of the ride to volunteer at turns. We hold monthly meetings where we plan the next months ride. We welcome anyone who wants to help get involved or help with bike party!

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East Bay Bike Party February: Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Bike Party Presents…. A Birthday Ride for Bob Marley!

Friday, February 8, meetup 7:30 PM Rollout 8 PM.

WHERE: Start at Mosswood Park (3 blocks from Macarthur BART)

Ends Downtown Berkeley


Come out to ride as we celebrate the life and love of a legend.

Remember to bring your LIGHTS, LOCKS, and LAYERS.
The Bay Area gets dark! It gets cold! And leaving your bike unattended and unlocked can put it as risk of getting lifted. Bike Party is 100% volunteer led, 100% self supported ride. There is no operating budget or official leadership of bike party. YOU ALL MAKE BIKE PARTY! So make sure you be prepared with snacks, water, and bike tools as well.


*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate (one love!)
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed

These simple ride rules help our large group ride safely together. Please call out folks that you see riding unsafely, displaying bad / rude riding behavior, or are generally being jerks.

Are you interested in helping make Bike Party great??! Step up to volunteer at turn corners the night of bike party. Find the green flag to find our volunteer coordinator.


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East Bay Bike Party January: Climate Change Catastrophe



Start: Frank Ogawa Plaza/ 12th St BART station

Friday, January 11, 2019

Meetup: 7:30 pm, rollout 8 pm.

It’s the end of the world as we know it………… AND NO! WE DON’T FEEL FINE!
We only have 12 years to try to course correct our life-giving planet. Let’s make 2019 the year we don’t back down from a robust and just climate change agenda.

Whether that is participating in politics or just the simple act of riding your bike. We’re all in this world together… and we all don’t want it to get shittier than it already is.

So LET’S START OFF 2019 WITH A RIDE ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Dress up as your favorite weather catastrophe ! Or there are a plethora of endangered animals that are threatened under climate change that you can rep.

CLIMATE ACTION NOW! https://www.earth-strike.com/

Keep your heads and energy up for the good fight in 2019. We can do this, y’all. But make sure to follow these simple rules of bike party!

🌍 Stay to the Right
🌏 Stop at Lights
🌎 Ride Straight
🌍 Don’t Hate
🌏 Pack Your Trash
🌎 Don’t Get Smashed

Bike Party is a 100% Volunteer run, self supported ride. Please be sure to bring everything you need for a night of riding and partying in the bay area: Snacks, bike tools, WEATHER LAYERS!, bike locks, and LIGHTS!

Step up to help keep Bike Party rolling! We are a small, volunteer led group who keeps the basic structure of the rides going. We need corner/turn volunteers the night of the ride, and other volunteers to help lead and organize rides, get the word out, and generally be ambassadors of good ride behavior.
Please reach out if you’re interested in further engaging with us!

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EBBP November: Gratitude Donation Drive

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East Bay Bike Party November: Gratitude

Image may contain: bicycle and text
East Bay Bike Party presents, a Gratitude Ride.
We will be collecting donations for this ride! They will be donated to homeless camps. We will be asking folks to bring one item of good quality clothing and/or one travel size toiletry.
Ride starts Hayward BART and ends at MLK Shoreline park, near Colisieum BART.
Friday, November 9th, meetup 7:30 PM, rollout 8 PM.
It’s getting cold and dark in the bay.
Bike Party is a self supported ride: be sure to bring snacks, bike tools, everything you need to keep yourself bike partyin’!
And our six simple ride rules are so that all bike partyers and ride together safely and securely–
*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack Your Trash
*Don’t Get Smashed
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East Bay Bike Party’s 100th Ride! Keeping it One Hundred !



East Bay Bike Party started in 2010 and we are delighted to be hosting the 100th ride this Friday, Oct 12, 2018. 
MEETUP: Richmond BART, 7:30 PM, rollout 8 PM
Route ends in Oakland.
BIKE PARTY– we party hard because we follow a few ground rules:
*Stop at Lights
*Stay to the right
*Ride Straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed
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East Bay Bike Party September: Life’s A Beach



Life’s a beach, and then you die.


Get beachy with us this Friday, 9/14/18.

Ride starts and ends near Fruitvale BART.
Meetup 7:30 pm, rollout 8 pm.
HEY BAY AREA! Remember your:
LIGHTS! (It’s getting dark!!)
LOCKS! (theft prevention is our individual responsibilities)

And of course—

*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed


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