EBBP is a mobile party for riders of all ages, experience levels, and types to meet, ride, and play together in the streets. Rides are 12-16 miles long with 2 stops at public spaces along the route. Rides move at a slow pace and volunteers assure everyone makes the correct turns. Riders express their creativity through the ride’s theme. Music is a big part of the EBBP experience along the route and at the party stops where dancing is common. Each ride is a unique, once in a lifetime experience right here in your own backyard.

EBBP starts and ends at, or near an East Bay BART station so participants can use public transportation. A volunteer plans a different route every month. Test rides refine the route. Monitor the East Bay Bike Party Facebook group for test ride events. New volunteers are encouraged to attend. The route is not posted ahead of time because we don’t want non-bike partiers to join at a party stop of their convenience.

Once per month, all year long. We meet at 7:30pm of every single SECOND FRIDAY of the month, and roll out at 8pm. We’re always near a BART station in time to get back on one of the later trains.

EBBP is safe and fun because bike partiers know how to behave. EB bike partiers are known for their friendly, welcoming vibe. That vibe is expected at the rides as well as on on posts made to the EBBP Facebook group. Keep the tone positive, and keep all discourse civil and respectful. During the party itself, the following behavior is expected:
– Stay to the Right / Stop at Lights – We’re NOT Critical Mass. We share the roadway appropriately.
– Ride Straight – Bike party sometimes exceeds 1,000 riders. Riding predictably avoids crashes in a large group.
– Don’t Hate – Please roll past any conflict that might present itself during the ride. Be civil.
– Pack your Trash – Bike partiers aspire to leave party stops in better condition than we found them. Be prepared to carry trash home from every single bike party. Public trash cans at party stops cannot support 1,000 bike partiers. Bring a plastic bag to pack trash.
– Don’t Get Smashed – Riding while inebriated poses a danger to yourself and others. Don’t ruin everybody else’s fun by overdoing it.
– Call out anybody failing to behave, and back up others who make those call-outs.

* Lights – Rides are at night. Best to be SEEN.
* Locks – Thieves can ride off on unattended bikes. Lock bikes together at the party stops.
* Layers – It’s all outdoors, and the temp typically drops a few degrees by night’s end.
* Water, refreshments, snacks, plastic bag – You’ll expend some energy, and need a way to pack your trash.
* Tube, patch kit, pump, tools – The ride is unsupported, please come prepared.

Web: https://eastbaybikeparty.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @EBBikeParty

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/eastbaybikeparty/

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  1. susie munoz says:

    I hope to join you guys real soon. It’s great to see everyone having. Fun!

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  3. Barbara says:

    Wow! What a beautiful scene! This group has been riding past my house for a good 20 mins. Every time the light turned red everybody stopped! We have been on the porch yelling “bike party”! The music is great the lights are fun and people are stellar! Never heard about this until tonight… We are joining the next ride! What FUN!

  4. Meliza says:

    Taking up multiple lanes while blasting music and screaming seems pretty inconsiderate to me. Many people have to work weekend mornings. Not a fan of what just happened in my residential neighborhood.

  5. marilyn pittman says:

    Attended the bike party last night at the frank ogawa plaza in oakland it was my first bike party and definitely will not be my last….best party in the sfbay area…

  6. Keeks says:

    Per my last comment/post… about a ride thru Concord, Walnut Creek area.. Its still East Bay and easy accessible to BART….

  7. cldupont says:

    If the right to quiet (especially for the ill, sleeping workers, etc.) is not respected, a call to the cops may result in citations. Music is groovy… but silence is golden.

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  9. Phill says:

    Hi there, I live on Fernside Blvd and you just rode by my house! Pretty cool to see all of the friendly people, of all ages, with creative lights on their bikes and having a good time. But the rolling music is way too loud — louder than any vehicle! And, it sounds cliche, but it woke my sleeping kids who were confused and upset by the noise. Please consider the people in residential neighborhoods though which you ride, and wait until you’re in the commercial/industrial areas to pump it up. Thanks.

    • Brian says:

      I completely agree with Phill. I can get behind riders cruising together on a Friday and having fun, but the loud music in residential areas is really not respectful of the people who live there and seems to go against all of the stated rules/principles that are posted on this website. This is especially true after 10 pm. Just had a bunch of riders pass by my house and the music was just too loud. Hope some of the volunteers/leaders are reading these posts and will encourage participants to tone it down. I don’t mind riders enjoying music in moderate volume, but it is way too loud as-is. Would appreciate some common courtesy, folks. Thanks.

      • michaelpalmquist says:

        Thanks for the feedback Brian and Phill. Note that nobody is “in control” of anybody else. But I hear ya, I’ve got young kids too. As a regular attendee I will mention the concerns to some of the music bike folks.

  10. Dee says:

    I’m moving back to my home state on the east coast but what I will miss the most is the bay area bike parties. Who can I talk to about learning how to start something similar to this on the east coast?

  11. jose says:

    You MUST add “Stop at all stop signs” to your HOW WE RIDE list. If we want drivers to share the road, we must follow the law, and be safe. And you must be more careful about choosing your routes. We are a loud bunch and we disturb many residential areas when we ride through or hangout during our routes.

  12. Sab says:

    Hi There. I rode both the San Francisco and the San Jose Bike Parties and would like to check out the East Bay Bike Party. When do you post routes and where can I see pics of the previous rides? Thank you!

  13. Maya says:

    Has anyone ever done a headcount? What’s the average and max number of riders?

  14. Tim Bracken says:

    I’m one of your neighbors. I met you guys tonight around midnight. You seem like cool people and I like the sense of community you’re trying to build. But can you please not blast music in residential neighborhoods late at night? The music was so loud it was like there was a dance party inside my home. Some of us need to sleep so we can wake up on Saturday morning and earn a living. I saw on your home page that you practice the Golden Rule. I believe it applies here. Just as you wouldn’t want 250 people yelling and blasting music outside your bedroom window at midnight, me and my neighbors feel the same. Thanks very much.

  15. thinliz says:

    How can we contact you if interested in volunteering? Thanks!

  16. P-Ryte says:

    It’s awesome what you guys are doing. I love the idea. But as a resident of a condo you ride by at 10:30 at night, the screaming, loud music and harassment some of the revilers displayed was troubling. Had a very Occupy Oakland feel. Hopefully you all’s true purpose (to have fun) can persuade the disruptive element to stand down. Let’s respect the neighborhoods in our City.
    Power to the People!

    • Adam Ross says:

      How was Occupy not empowering the people?
      Seeing that you live in a Condo, you live in a central area; possibly Downtown or Uptown you can’t expect to have peace and quit all the time. Plus, It’s only one day out of the month. Maybe you should grab a Bike and come ride :)

  17. Al says:

    I saw your group tonight in Hayward! I sat in traffic waiting for all of you to pass for a long time…. Surprising I wasn’t pissed off by the wait, but instead I was disappointed that I didn’t know of this sooner so I can join! See you at the next one!

  18. flavio gomez says:

    hey where can i meet up with you guys for the SJbikeparty? (i live in menlo park)

  19. damien gonzalez says:

    Looks like I found out about this one too late but I’m interested in the next!

  20. Thanks for supporting the Community Drew!

    To everyone reading this:

    COME! It’s worth it.

  21. Jeff McMaster says:

    Any plans for more rides after the Aug 13th one that I missed ?? Will be doing SJbikeparty this fri for 1st time. Sunday streetssf this sunday sunday sunday …

  22. drew kerlee says:

    hey guys, saw your neat business card sized-ish ad at Actual Cafe this morning. I’ve posted your rides on my group bicycle website. I run that meetup group that I posted above – we’re open to the public. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

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