EBBP – October 2014: 10-10-10,000 ZOMBIES!!!!


The EBBP Facebook Group has eclipsed 10,000 members, setting off a terrifying chain reaction of death and re-animation among the group. On 10/10 the transformation of the entire 10,000 will be complete.

Unlike past zombie pandemics, these zombies appear highly evolved. They ride bikes to overcome their typical slowness. They also exhibit some other strangely compelling behavior. Early reports suggest that all seem to:

  • Stay right
  • Stop at lights
  • Ride straight
  • Love others
  • Pack their trash
  • Maintain their wits

Aside from their putrid appearances, their positivity is infectious and is likely to result in the continued growth in their numbers…

  • When: Friday Oct 10, 7:30pm
  • Where: West Oakland BART – Ends near Lake Merritt BART
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6 Responses to EBBP – October 2014: 10-10-10,000 ZOMBIES!!!!

  1. Susan says:

    Stay safe. And please DO show neighborly manners. Please lower the volume music. And ride with boom boxes AWAY from curbs so they blast peoples windows up close and personal. Small children are in bed and pets are frieghtened by such loud music.

    Looks like fun but why do some of you have to have the volume so high?

    BE AWARE OF DISABLED FOLKS IN SCOOTERS. I have seen some riders pretty much shove disabled scooter riders and other bike riders not part of your group off the nike lane.

    Please be more courteous. And let those that ride with you that are not courteous (and there many, unfortunately) that their behavior is going to lead to the banning of these rides by county and city officials and law enforcement.

    A few entitled and disrespectful riders are going to ruin this ongoing event for all of you.

  2. chu says:

    A bunch rode by me… very cool. Just FYI not all stopped at lights and rode straight. Might wanna look into that. Otherwise looked fun, wish I could have joined in!

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  4. Scarlet Tanager says:

    Where those things from World War Z really Zombies ?

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  6. Scarlet Tanager says:

    I hope that kid who sells the tamales is there Friday night.

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