EBBP September ’14 – Polka Dots and Stripes, a Patriotic Bike Party


  • Theme: Polka Dots & Stripes, a Patriotic Bike Party.
  • When: Friday Sep 12, 7:30pm
  • Where: Start at Pleasant Hill BART, ends Concord BART

A slight twist on the usual Americana…
A little twisted like your beloved bike party.
There’s no doubt, we’re some lucky folks. Freedom is awesome, so let’s celebrate. Show some imagination, there’s a lot of ways to show your patriotism.

Freedom requires mutual respect and care for one another (even those in autos!). So remember these simple rules:

  • Stay right
  • Stop at lights
  • Ride straight
  • Don’t hate
  • Pack your trash
  • Don’t get smashed
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6 Responses to EBBP September ’14 – Polka Dots and Stripes, a Patriotic Bike Party

  1. mike says:

    Pleasanton is not the east bay.

    • First of all, the September ride wasn’t even in Pleasanton, it was in Pleasant Hill and Concord. Pleasanton is south of Concord, in Southern Alameda County.

      But regardless (applying to both Concord and Pleasanton), I think wikipedia, craigslist, most of the internet, people who have lived in the Bay Area for years/their whole lives, etc, would disagree.

      Yes, rides further East, South, and North of Oakland-Berkeley central do get a bit of groans over the BART rides needed. But hey- folks from all over the Bay Area come to EBBP, even if they don’t live super close to the route and stops.

      There are many, many active cyclists, biking advocates, and bike partiers out in the 925 and they are as much a part of EBBP and the cycling community in the East Bay as those in Oakland.

      EBBP happens in BART accessible East Bay locations. Richmond to Fremont to Concord to Pleasanton (Though, I don’t believe there even has been a ride in Pleasanton area).
      Get out and ride- and get out and ride in different places! I know that’s one part of EBBP that I love a lot, exploring the neighborhoods around me that I might not have otherwise.

      And obviously no one is obligating you to go to EBBP if it’s too far or you don’t want to take the BART ride out.

  2. Scarlet Tanager says:

    The last BART trains from Concord are @ 11:47pm & 12:09am. If you miss them, you’re stuck out there if you’re on public transit and live on the other side of the hills.

    • Thanks for that heads up on schedules. It’s always a good idea to be aware of BART times if you will need to depend on BART to get home. Hopefully via going with a group/making friends there, the age of smartphones, and/or taking responsibility for yourself and your night, everyone got home safe and sound.

  3. Riley says:

    is this going to be a hilly ride?

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