EBBP – November 2014: Be Like Mr. Rogers


Hey Bike Partiers!

The theme for this month’s ride is both serious and whimsical. As more and more people join us on our monthly ride, the less-than-stellar behaviour of “the few” becomes more and more prominent to residents. As part of our “How We Ride” ethic, we always strive to minimize the impact of those folks because, like it or not, they bring a negative reputation to our ride, and we don’t want that.

This means that, once again, it’s time we get back to basics.

We strive to be neighbourly. And who better embodies being a good neighbour than Mr. Rogers? So…let’s dress like Mr. Rogers and BE like Mr. Rogers!

Sing along with me! :)

It’s a beautiful night in the neighborhood
A beautiful night for a neighbor
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won’t you be my neighbor?

It’s EB Bike Party’s Neighborhood
A land of make-believe
Won’t you ride along with me?
It’s EBBP’s Neighborhood
So much to do, so much to see
Won’t you ride along with me?

I’ve got lots of friends for you to meet
In this land of make-believe
A friendly face on every street
Just waiting for you to greet.

It’s a beautiful night in the neighborhood
A beautiful night for a neighbor
Won’t you be my neighbor?

Ride Details:

  • Meetup at 7:30pm; roll at 8:00pm. Note that we will be leaving PROMPTLY at 8:00pm in order to get folks to the ending spot (and BART) in plenty of time.
  • Start Point: Fruitvale BART
  • Route sheets will NOT be distributed! The “sweeper” will have route sheets to give to people who have flats or other mechanical issues.
  • Ending point is less than 1.5 miles from BART. Only two stops on this route (1 regroup + end stop)
  • Don’t forget the 3 Ls: Lights, Locks & Layers!

REMEMBER, this is our community and YOU CREATE THE CULTURE OF BIKE PARTY. If you see something that is disrespectful, say something! We all love Bike Party and want to see it keep on keepin’ on.

How We Ride:
* Stay to the Right (don’t ride into oncoming traffic)
* Stop at Lights
* Ride Straight (ride predictably, don’t swerve)
* Don’t Hate (avoid conflict, show respect for locals)
* Pack Your Trash (leave no trace!)
* Don’t get Smashed

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15 Responses to EBBP – November 2014: Be Like Mr. Rogers

  1. FordGirl says:


  2. gregsbaker says:

    Provide the date of the event please next time.

  3. sushispook says:

    Hi guys. I’d like to approach you as a fellow cyclist here, who lives in Alameda.

    I love riding my bike, and I am pro-just-about-whatever-gets-more-people-to-bike. I love the idea of the group rides, as its a chance to bond with folks over something that’s really wonderful and can be transformative in a lot of different ways. So please take this as a friend siding up to you at the bar who is worried you’ve had too much to drink, or talking you out of buying all that candy corn on sale the day after halloween, and not as some sort of fist-shaking tongue-lashing.

    I hope I’ve set the tone here.

    So, pardon my language here, y’all fucked up pretty badly last night. Having a loud crowd of revelers blasting music as you rode past people’s homes, some of whom were very much in desperate need of a good night’s sleep, is not something I’ve ever seen or heard of Mister Rogers doing. And I’m not talking loud as in I can hear music over the TV, but loud as in being heard from the back of the house, even with hands over your ears. A constant stream of this, culminating in an impromptu dance party in the liquor store parking lot was so far across the line that I’m seeing many local forums being incredibly venomous towards ALL bike riders.

    As a bike rider, I really don’t want to get road-raged by someone who was pushed over the edge by other folks, with the only common denominator being that we were both on bikes.

    I understand that the actions of some folks can spike the punch. But no one appeared to be adhering to the spirit of the theme at all, and there was absolutely no one stepping up and taking responsibility for what was going on.

    I’m not here for a pound of flesh, and I’m not here to be a sanctimonious prick. You guys caused a lot of anger and misery last night, and irreperably damaged the perception of your organization and its mission. I’m hoping you can find a way to reach out to the communities you affected, and find a way to bridge things with them so you can show them how you can turn this into a positive moment and move your mission forward.

    • michaelpalmquist says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Its been heard loud and clear. Please see our upcoming announcement(s) regarding further rides.

  4. What a cool idea! Heard the ruckus and thought it was a sideshow in quaint old Alameda. After watching the light show and hearing the fun I started to look through Twitter to see what it was. First I thought it was Critical Mass, but found out it’s East Bay Bike Party. Woo hoo!

  5. Sean says:

    Good ride!

  6. kevin says:

    It doesn’t say what date. Is it the same date each month?

  7. Matt says:

    Sorry to say I don’t think your ride was neighborly. I live on the route you took tonight, and I was disappointed by the loud stereos, not to mention some of the music choices, with obscene language. Not family oriented. Otherwise, my kids liked the colorful lights.

    • michaelpalmquist says:

      Hi Matt, thanks for your feedback. Its been heard loud and clear. Please see our upcoming announcement(s) regarding further rides.

  8. celeste Cazares says:

    When’s the next one??? that was Awesome! Live here in Alameda got to stand in front off house and watch will it be in Alameda again if so when so I canals sure I’m home to watch again

  9. phil says:

    Yeah, nothing says neighborly like blasting shitty music at 8:30 pm in a residential neighborhood of Alameda. Congrats, you woke up my toddler and now I’m in for a long late night and will probably miss my morning ride.

    Negative reputation enhanced, great work. Show some fucking respect. Mr. Rogers. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • michaelpalmquist says:

      Hi Phil, thanks for your feedback. Its been heard loud and clear. Please see our upcoming announcement(s) regarding further rides.

  10. willitoryamos says:

    so many monthly rides lately are far from Berkeley area, a bunch of us who can’t handle that farther south start & end points keep missing out on the ride.

    • michaelpalmquist says:

      Uh, you’ve heard of this really cool public transport mechanism called BART? ;-) A large percentage of bike partiers use it.

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