Tomorrow’s Celebration and Some New Information

Are you ready for tomorrow night?  Costume or not, we want to see (and hear) you out there! (If you need a refresher on the details for tomorrow night’s ride, check out the post below this one or click here.)

Here’s some quick but very important info you need before you arrive to ride tomorrow:

  • BRING A LOCK (& LIGHTS):  East Bay Bicycle Coalition is generously donating the loan of their racks so we’ll have bike parking post-ride, but it won’t be valet.  This means you’ll need to lock it up, so make sure to bring your bike lock (and maybe a cable, if you want to help out a potentially lockless friend).
  • BRING CASH: So much amazing food tomorrow! Just announced: Nieves Cinco de Mayo, will be serving Mexican ice cream at the first Party Stop.  Luis is like an ice cream magician!  At ride’s end, your cash will come in handy for Linden Street beer and food from El Taco Bike, Tina Tamale, and Guerrilla Grub.
  • BRING THE LOVE: Do you know what makes Bike Party so amazing?  YOU DO!  Your positivity makes Bike Party great, and we know you’re going to bring it tomorrow!  Keep lovin’ the right lane, making new friends, and encouraging fellow partiers to stop at the red lights (so we can all make it safely to the post-Party party).  We Party to Party another day, after all – it’s how we ride.

Oh, and one more thing…


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4 Responses to Tomorrow’s Celebration and Some New Information

  1. goride09 says:

    That was my 5th party.Great ride as always but the ride seemed short I guess cuz of the afterparty.I like the two party stops and the end ride party format. Hopefully next month’s ride will be back to that.

  2. Hella fun on the ride and at the after bike party party. One suggestion – to discourage the inevitable start jam and clogged left lanes and intersections for blocks afterward could you try a staggered start by first letter of first name or last digit of your phone number or something… Just an idea. Otherwise just keep making those wheels go round, you’re doing great!

  3. jojo says:

    I concur. It felt classic.

  4. Julie Mikos says:

    Favorite one yet! What fun and great food. The food definitely made up for the disappointment of not seeing the bofo cart!

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