October Bike Party Ride – ZOMBIE HOMECOMING (Friday, Oct. 14 @ 7:30pm)

October EB Bike Party Ride - Zombie HomecomingNow that school’s back in, it’s time to use your…


Reprising one of our all-time most popular ride themes for October, it’s time to get your zombie on. And since it’s fall, we’ve added a twist of Homecoming spirit, turing Friday, October 14th into ZOMBIE HOMECOMING!

Gimme a Z! Gimme an O…

Whether you’ll be dressed to run from, run with, or hunt down the zombie horde, we want you to join us and head north into less-traveled territory – El Cerrito and Richmond. You can count on music, fun, two party stops and the ride of your (undead) life!

The rides have been getting consistently bigger each month, and the Zombie Ride is always huge, so if you’d be willing to volunteer and guide Partiers through a corner or two, it would be a massive help. And it’s pretty amazing to watch the ride roll by that way. You’ve never seen so many zombies. On bikes. Zombikers?

We’ll gather at North Berekely BART at 7:30pm, depart approximately 8pm, and if you want to volunteer, just meet Nick pre-ride at North Berkeley BART.  He’ll be the one holding the big ‘V’ for ‘Volunteer’.  Another great way to get connected up with other volunteers and see the route in advance is to join us on a test ride – the next one is Monday night (Oct. 3):


The test ride will be smaller, faster and (likely) zombie-free as compared with the actual Bike Party. However, if a zombie should show up to ride the test, we’d never think of turning them away.

Start thinking about your costume and feel free to dig up some friends for this one. As always, we love it when people pass the Bike Party spirit on – love the right lane, stop at red lights, ride predictably, and make some noise!

So say it with me, before the zombification occurs and you lose control of your fine motor skills…


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6 Responses to October Bike Party Ride – ZOMBIE HOMECOMING (Friday, Oct. 14 @ 7:30pm)

  1. pablo says:

    first time i road at bike party……it was outstanding…..so many people and everyone is friendly…it was one of the best bike rides i have had so far on the new frame…….keep up the good work BIKE PARYTY

  2. Dan Fleege says:

    The facebook link doesn’t work. Please fix this.


  3. NOOB says:

    How long are the rides in term of distance?

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