EBBP presents… The Rhythm Ride, April 2014


At night when you turn off all the lights
There’s no place that you can hide
No, no the rhythm is gonna get you

In bed throw the covers on your head
You pretend like you are dead
But I know it, the rhythm is gonna get you

Rhythm is gonna get you
Bike Party is gonna get you
Rhythm is gonna get you
Bike Party is gonna get you tonight

You can’t fight it, every 2nd Fri-day
No matter what you say
You know it, the rhythm is gonna get you

No clue of what’s happening to you
And before this night is through
Ooh, baby, Bike Party’s gonna get you

Calling out to EBBP participants: We want you to BRING THE RHYTHM this month. Drums, plastic containers, tambourines, triangles, whatever it takes! Might be a good time for MORE COWBELL!

Friday, April 11, 7:30pm
Starting BART station: Lafayette
Ending BART station: Concord
Route sheets (with regroups & directions to the closest BART station) will be available at the beginning of the ride
Glympse users can follow the ride by subscribing to !EBBP

Remember HOW WE RIDE:

  • Stay to the Right
  • Stop at Lights
  • Ride Straight
  • Don’t Hate
  • Pack Your Trash
  • Don’t Get Smashed
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10 Responses to EBBP presents… The Rhythm Ride, April 2014

  1. van says:

    Way fun! No longer a virgin and still euphoric 4 weeks later and looking for tonights candy high.

    • jose says:

      from JOSE badass S>J> bike party REGULAR you east bayers someone give me a woowoooo yah baby BIKE PARTEEE RIDE ON RIDE HARD RIDE SAFE

  2. Katie says:

    If anyone found a wallet at this ebbp please email me at Fleming.katiem@gmail.com . Thanks for your help and thank you for a great ride!

  3. Tiffany says:

    You guys went past my house last night in Lafayette and I LOVED it! Probably the most excitement we’ve seen in this sleepy town in far too long..
    This is hysterical and looks like so much fun.

  4. Bike Lover says:

    Very disappointed with your riders tonight. Rules were not followed and the course lead through a residential neighborhood after 10pm. Music was left at full volume with is against city code in pleasant hill. Bikers engaged in conflict when asked to turn it down calling a mother with her child a b$&ch and flipping her off along with telling other neighbors to F off. I’m sadden to say I was a previous rider.

  5. badknees says:

    Horray for flat routes!

  6. Scarlett Tanager says:

    I think some of those music bikes are over the top. I wonder how long before somebody shows up with a full Marshall stack attached to their rig ? I think those boys might be over compensating for something…

  7. Neli says:

    Will this route have a lot of hills for the fixie users

    • michaelpalmquist says:

      Bike party route planners do their best to make the routes pretty flat, as consideration is paid to allow 200 lb music bikes to keep up. There will not be any significant hills.

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