PUNK and FUNK – EBBP’s March Ride

punk and funk 2 Enlarged

EBBP is truly punk in its DIY ethic. EBBP is truly funky in its dance parties. Let’s celebrate those great things together Friday night. Punk and Funk. Let’s roll!

Friday March 14, 7:30PM

Meet up at North Berkeley BART
Ride ends in Berkeley – North Berkeley is nearest BART

We had a fantastic Valentines ride last month. A really great event. Great people, keeping it respectful and outta this world fun. Let’s keep it up Bike Party:

♥ Stay Right
♥ Stop At Lights
♥ Ride Straight
♥ Don’t Hate
♥ Pack Your Trash
♥ Don’t Get Smashed

And please give all your respect, love, and support to the volunteers you see. Or better yet, step up and volunteer!

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3 Responses to PUNK and FUNK – EBBP’s March Ride

  1. scott fiel says:

    Hey, lost my gopro3 at the last stop,left on the ground with camera case, rec. anyway to help!

  2. michaelpalmquist says:

    Ride ends in Berkeley – nearest BART is North Berkeley

  3. Chris says:

    Do you know which bart station it will end near?

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