East Bay Bike Party – May: Candyland


Start down the magical Bike Party road by meeting at El Cerrito Del Norte BART @ 7:30pm, rolling at 8pm. Do you want to be Mr. Mint or Giggly Gumdrop? Choose your sweet costume and then dance your way along the rainbow path to the Peppermint Forest and Princess Frostine’s Ice Palace. Let your imagination soar as you make your way to King Kandy’s Castle!


Riders will advance through the peppermint stick forest by following the Bike Party rules:
1. Stay Right
2. Stop at Lights
3. Ride Straight
4. Don’t Hate
5. Pack Your Trash
6. Don’t Get Smashed
And when in doubt – BIKE PARTY!


Not following the rules will get you stuck in Lord Licorices’ Lagoon, losing a turn.

Stopping at red lights and making our party stops cleaner than when we arrived will get double colored squares.

This month we are ending near Lake Merritt BART, Oakland, CA. See you then!

As always, EBBP is the 2nd Friday of the month, so this month we will be riding May 9th!


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5 Responses to East Bay Bike Party – May: Candyland

  1. Scarlet Tanager says:

    I’m happy it’s a Candy Land game theme. Can you imagine if it was Mouse Trap ?

  2. christian says:

    So when is the event can’t find the date anywhere?

  3. Scarlet Tanager says:

    What an inspired theme, glad you didn’t choose Chutes and Ladders. Hope I don’t get any cavities after this ride. Also hope the cops leave us alone.

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