East Bay 90’s Bike Party~


All right, stop, collaborate and listen…Bike Party is back with a brand new invention…

Help throw one of the best bike dance parties of the year celebrating the 1990s! Mix tapes. R&b. Grunge. Cheesy dance pop.

Get out the puff paint and dress in your favorite 90s fashion: Slap bracelets. Fanny packs. Air Jordan’s. Flannel. Cords. Jansport backpacks. Track jackets. Bike caps. Doc Martens. No Fear. Pagers. Etc.

BRING: layers, locks, lights & love.

awesome**REMEMBER, this is our community and YOU CREATE THE CULTURE OF BIKE PARTY. If you see something that is disrespectful, say something! We all love Bike Party and want to see it keep on keepin’ on.***

* Stay Right. * Stop At Lights. * Ride Straight. * Don’t Hate. * Pack Your Trash. * Don’t Get Smashed. *

And when in doubt? Bike Party!

East Bay Bike Party is always the second Friday of the month – so our June ride will be on Friday the 13th.

Starts and ends near Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland

We’ll meet at 7:30 and roll at 8 PM sharp!

**Bike Party: where sometimes you are literally SAVED BY THE BELL**

**The dream of the 90s is alive at Bike Party**

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13 Responses to East Bay 90’s Bike Party~

  1. wino says:

    I plan to come for the 1st time. Is there usually a map? In case people need to join later?

  2. L-Diablo says:

    No map route?

  3. Jaysonny says:

    Friday the 13th and a full moon next time will be in 2049

  4. What’s the route this time? Will it be mostly downhill like the last? A mix? And what distance do you think you’ll be traveling?

  5. Scarlet Tanager says:

    I hope Mayor Quan isn’t out driving around near where we’ll be riding !

  6. ButchWoman says:

    Please include in “being respectful” TURNING DOWN the music volume when in close proximity of homes- especially when stopped to cross a street.

    Wear lots of lights – be seen! Don’t take chances just in case a driver in a car isn’t being as careful as one should be near bike lanes.

    I love seeing you out there, but please stop scaring pets, infants, the disabled and elderly people with the volume above ordinance levels. Noise pollution hurts our environment too!

    Have fun, be safe!

  7. emcrowl says:

    Is that for this Friday? Or on the 13th?

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