East Bay Bike Party: 3rd Anniversary Ride!

Can I get a BIKE PARTY!?Image

Hello all you Bike Party Peeps!

This month we are starting at Richmond BART station and making our way back to Oakland, or more specifically Lake Merritt. As always, meet at 7:30pm, roll at 8! Every second Friday of the month – so May 10th! The ride this month is 16 miles, so be prepared to ride. Water bottles, lights, snacks, locks, layers for warmth & helmets  are highly recommended items to bring to any Bike Party.

rubik's+cubeThis month’s ride theme is “Rubik’s Cube Rave!” Your assignment is to wear multiple colors — of the rubik’s cube variety (i.e., red, orange, yellow, green blue, white) — and then exchange clothing with other EBBPers so that, by the end of the night, you’re wearing a single color. Plan accordingly! And don’t forget to practice safe clothing exchanges.

Route sheets will be handed out at the start point.

Bike lock, lights, and a helmet, are highly recommended.

Bike Party is ENTIRELY volunteer organized. Help out and make this ride as awesome as it can be. We need volunteers to take corners. Volunteer roll call!
Volunteers at intersections should call out “clear, rolling!” or “stop, car!”
The rear sweep of the ride is the rider with the magic broom. She will have turn sheets if you get stuck and fall off the ride but cannot provide assistance with mechanicals.

Let’s please remember the Bike Party rules and respect them! This is a fun community ride & we want to keep it that way. If you see something – say something. The better we behave, the cooler the spots we get to go!

How We Ride:
– Stop at Lights
– Stay to the Right
– Pack your Trash
– Don’t get Smashed
– Ride Straight
– Don’t Hate!
– When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!

See you all Friday!!

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6 Responses to East Bay Bike Party: 3rd Anniversary Ride!

  1. Sounds great and I am sure that it would have been wonderful.

  2. Dawg says:

    Why was the Nestlé truck riding with bike party last night? Does no one see a problem with this? Can I please, very respectfully suggest that we never let this happen again? Thank you.

  3. Ana says:

    What is the route for today?

  4. george spelvin says:

    Are they posting the route, or what ?

  5. first timer! says:

    Will there be designated clothing swapping stops? Or just on the go swapping?

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