East Bay Bike Party May theme Announcement

Did you know this will be Bike Parties 3rd Year Anniversary!? Well if not – now you do!

Lets do it right and do it tight.

The theme for this months ride is… *drum roll please* RUBIK’S CUBE RAVE.


What does that mean you may ask? It means come dressed in a bunch of different Rubik’s Cube colors: Red, White, Green, Blue, Orange or Yellow. Once you get to Bike Party – the fun begins. The goal is to trade articles of clothing with other cyclists until your entire outfit is one color! Gone Red and want to switch to mellow Yellow? Trade pants with a volunteer! Feeling Green with envy and want be cool Blue or ravaging in Red? Mix and match shirts, capes, wrist bands, shoes or whatever you can think of to trade!

ImageLet’s please remember the Bike Party rules and respect them! This is a fun community ride & we want to keep it that way. The better we behave, the cooler the spots we get to go!

How We Ride:
– Stop at Lights
– Stay to the Right
– Pack your Trash
– Don’t get Smashed
– Ride Straight
– Don’t Hate!
– When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!

We will be in need of volunteers this month to help spread the bike party vibe and take corners – help make this 3rd year anniversary one of the best yet! Volunteer sign up sheet will be coming soon or comment on this post – take a corner, make friends and help make bike party the reason you always have an awesome bike ride on your calendar for the second Friday of every month.

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6 Responses to East Bay Bike Party May theme Announcement

  1. Cindy says:

    Looking forward to joining the ride, happy to help –

  2. marshall says:

    Where and when?

  3. george spelvin says:

    That’s easy ! I’m Italian.

  4. Paul Smith says:

    Hello. What’s the route? I can’t find it on the announcement. Thanks.

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