Ye Olde Bike Party – Feburary 8th

Here ye, here ye! All Knights & Ladies of BIKE PARTY!!

The Royal Bicycle Court doth decree,
a huge party for all attendees.
Music will drift from the carriages,
fun and friendship, we will marriage.

All maidens, highlanders, beggers and gypsy,
dragons, priests and jesters to be –
merchants, peasants, wenches and vikings,
peasants, falconers, crusaders with large axes
don thy costumes, or pay steep taxes!

Around the Bay Area, we shall explore,
we shall gallop to Castles of lore.

Gather at City Center Oakland thy BART –
bring thy enthusiasm, merriment and art.
At thy stops, games will be afoot –
cheers, jeers, lances, to boot!

So grab thy trusty steed!
A splendid Bike Party, indeed!Image

It’s coming close to that time of the month again….. Second Friday of every month… you know what that means!? EAST BAY BIKE PARTY!!!Image

This months theme is Ye Olde Bike Partie – so dawn your best amour or wenching outfit and mount up your steed because this month we are parting in Oakland/Berkeley! We might even have a special treat for you at the last stop…


Stay Right
Stop At Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack Your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed


Route Map (click here). We will be meeting at 7:30pm at Frank Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA. Closest BART station is 19th street.


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4 Responses to Ye Olde Bike Party – Feburary 8th

  1. Grumpy dad says:

    If you’re going to use sound systems that can rattle houses (and props to whomever was hauling that!), maybe a route with less residential area would be a good idea.

    I was livid last night when I was trying to put my daughter to sleep, less now.

    I’ve lived on Adeline for years, and my daughter is 3. This is the first time it’s been a problem, so either I’m more aware of it, or y’all have gotten way louder.

  2. The nearest BART station to Frank Ogawa / Oscar Grant Plaza is City Center 12th St. not 19th St.

    Bike Party !

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  4. Andrew Boone says:

    Pre-ride from Mountain View: Meet at Mountain View Caltrain Station at 4:45 pm. 20 miles to Union City BART Station.

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