East Bay Bike Party: Super Heros and Villians

Do you remember when you were a kid riding your bike and pretending you were a superhero flying through the skies? Well that’s exactly what January’s theme is going to be.


Get out there and piece together your own lasso of truth, kryptonite proof cape, teleporting dancing shoes, or even a towel for a cape and an A for awesome painted on your chest. Stretch your imagination and show us what superpower you will dominate the bike party with! Sidekicks, Villians, Arch Nemeses, and Duos are encouraged…grab your friends and form your own League of Extraordinary Cyclists. This is one ride where the sky is no longer the limit!

We’ll gather at Bayfair BART Station at 7:30 pm, and roll at 8:00pm.

Don’t be a ZERO, be a SUPER HERO, Pack your Trash! This one’s simple – if you brought it in or ate/drank it, you can pack out the can/wrapper/trash with you.

Don’t forget, this is a night time social ride COME PREPARED: Lights, layers, locks, water, snacks, tools for your bike and fun!

Team up with other Super Hero’s and Volunteer to take a corner and lead the Bike Party through a turn. Find the volunteer coordinator – the one with the turn-by-turn route sheets – at 7:30pm to reserve yours.

Stay Right
Stop At Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack Your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed

See you this Friday, January 1/11/13 at Bayfair BART! BIKE PARTY!!!

Route map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/164431414

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6 Responses to East Bay Bike Party: Super Heros and Villians

  1. OW says:

    Do you know how hilly you expect the route to be? It helps determine which bike to ride and outfit to wear. Thanks!

    • Looking at the elevation graph on the route map, it appears the hilly part of this ride is from Downtown Hayward to CV and in CV up Redwood Road to the end. It shows a gain of approximately 200 ft. Not too bad. If you went on the Fremont ride a few months ago, it won’t be as much of a climb as that had at the end. If its windy it’ll be harder ( at least it is for me ) and remember its going to be unseasonably COLD tonight. See you there. Have fun and be safe. BIKE PARTY !

  2. Jorge says:

    When do we c the route

  3. Flying in from my Fortress Of Solitude for this one. Bike Party !

  4. I’m freaking excited!

  5. El Matador says:

    route map please

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