Weather Forecast Keeps Improving (Last-minute Notes)

As of tonight (Thursday night), the forecast for Bike Party is looking pretty good.  If there is rain on Friday, it looks like it should clear up by 5pm and there’s currently only a 20% chance of showers for Friday night.  So plan to come out and BIKE PARTY with us!

Heavy rain will cancel the ride, but for the definitive word of whether the ride is on or not, you can check this page on ride night.  You can also check our Twitter feed (@EBBikeParty) or our Facebook page – all will have the go/no-go call.

Things to Bring: You’ll want lights, no question.  In the darker stretches, a rear blinky light is super-valuable as it keeps people from crashing into you and it lets them know when you’re slowing or stopping.  A bike lock is always a good idea and cash (since we’re likely going to have at least one food truck there) wouldn’t hurt.  It’s your call, but some kind of windbreaker or rain jacket wouldn’t be bad to pack either.

We’re all about being safe and having fun (at the same time), so just remember, this is how we ride:

  • Stay Right
  • Stop At Lights
  • Ride Straight
  • Don’t Hate
  • Pack Your Trash
  • Don’t Get Smashed

Get ready for adventure! Who knows, you might even meet your long lost sibling:


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