TWINS RIDE: Route Posted, Rain Cancels (Check Here & FB on Friday)

The ride route is ready for this Friday’s TWINS RIDE. With the day rapidly approaching, here’s what you need to know:

  • Ride Route: Here’s what the ride route looks like. For a zoomable view, click the image below.

    TWINS RIDE - Nov 2011 - Ride Route

  • Rain Cancels – Check Facebook & Here: Bike Party is a ‘rain cancels’ affair. If we don’t ride on Friday, our next ride will be the second Friday in December. So that everyone’s on the same page, we’ll make the call on whether the ride happens or not. Check here or on the Facebook event page Friday afternoon/evening for the ‘go/no-go’ call.
  • Bring Lights: There are some sections of the ride which don’t have that many streelights, so it’s important you bring front and rear lights. It’s not just about being able to see, it’s also important that people can see you. Not having a rear light in a dark stretch is an easy way to get run into.
  • Bring a Lock: Based on feedback from the bike/Bike Party community, there have been more than a few bike thefts lately. It’s a good idea to lock your bike at party stops (if you’re going to walk away from it) and at the end of the ride. Even locking your bike to itself or another bike is way better than not locking it at all.

See you Friday.


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