East Bay Bike Party – July Ride

awesome 80s bike party

Whatchu talkin’ about Willis? Second Friday is coming up, and I pity the fool that chooses to skip out on bike party this month – we’re going Back to the Future!  Uh, well actually back to the 1980s!

Break out the legwarmers, parachute pants, amazing headbands, bodacious muscle tear away and rock band shirts, your punk outfits, your bright colors, and winning attitudes and let’s party like its 1985!

This month’s meetup is 7:30pm at the El Cerrito Plaza BART station (6699 Fairmount Avenue). We roll at 8, so get there ON TIME. Our night will end at Lake Merritt, and we’ll have a couple of awesome stops along the way to get down and party. Route sheets will be available at the start.

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3 Responses to East Bay Bike Party – July Ride

  1. donsorsa says:

    My first Bike Party was a great ride. Thanks to organizers and volunteers. I posted a few pics here http://donsorsa.smugmug.com/Events/East-Bay-Bike-Party-July-2013/

  2. Evan says:

    Hey all-
    I appreciate your philosophy and cycling in general. I would appreciate it if you could please stop using Doyle/61st as a stopping point. It is residential and not everyone has Saturday morning off, so the loud music and yelling is not appreciated for those who have to sleep to get to work in the morning. I would suggest swinging down further into the Emeryville warehouses on Overland (also a bike boulevard) or via a neighborhood with a younger set like Temescal or Uptown.
    Much appreciation.

  3. george spelvin says:

    Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four hours to go,
    I wanna be BIKE PARTY !
    Nothing to do, nowhere to go,
    I wanna be BIKE PARTY !
    Just get me to the BART,
    Get me to the show,
    Huury, Hurry, Hurry
    Because I know the CODE.

    how 80’s is that ?

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