Ride Route for December 10th Holiday Bike Party

You asked for it, you got it!  Here’s the ride route for tomorrow night.  If you want a bigger/zoomable version of the map, just click here or click on the map itself.  Happy Holidays!  We hope to see you tomorrow night!!

Ride Route for 2010 Holiday Bike Party

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1 Response to Ride Route for December 10th Holiday Bike Party

  1. Kearns says:

    so I got my bike wheels stolen the night of this holiday route ride. My bike was parked in front of Barnes and Noble. Front and back wheel were bolted down. I had this wheels for about 9 years. Black, little red trim, fixie and single speed hub. Some other people reported bike theft in front of the Nike store also. The reason I’m writing this is to hope someone maybe saw something and could come forward. Maybe also next ride people can look out for bike thieves that maybe in the crowd.

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