East Bay Bike Party January 2022: The Candy Bear Onesie Ride

May be an image of bicycle

IT’S JANUARY, IT’S COLD, BUNDLE UP BUT DON’T HIBERNATE!!! Roll with Bike Party and a delightful array of other bears on our first ride of the new year!
Join us on Friday, January 14th for our monthly bike ride.
Meetup 7:30 pm, rollout 8 pm
Starts: El Cerrito Plaza BART Station
Ride goes through Richmond and will end near Richmond or El Cerrito BART stations. Ride will end in time for the last few final BART trains.

BRING: Lights, locks, and warm layers.
FOLLOW: our six simple ride rules:
*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight (predictably)
*Don’t Hate
*Pack Your Trash
*Don’t get smashed

!!!MAKE SURE YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS KNOW THE RIDE RULES AND ARE PREPARED FOR A SELF SUPPORTED PARTY RIDE!!! Bring water, snacks, bike tools, anything you need for a 12-15 mile ride.

VOLUNTEER with bike party by finding the green flag at the beginning of the ride. Bike party always needs volunteers to help guide the ride through the route when we make turns. Volunteers stay at a corner to direct the party (they do NOT block intersections or block traffic). Volunteers will stay at their corner until the end of the ride, the ‘Sweep’ volunteer will tag them out and let them know its the end of the ride (They also have a broom on their bike).

May be an image of map and text that says 'route image Point Molate ' Beach Park aITPabiotytoncas.no hr 45 min 4.2 miles Alvarado Park Lakeridge Athle East Richmond Heights MaodonaldAve Ave assajara Park Richmond Rich City Rides Unity Park Bike Hub RICHMOND .....O The Home Depot 80 Cutting Blvd 580 Reginta ivd Rosiegthe Riveter Santa Fe railroad iclP terminus at Point... Potrero.A 80 ElCerrito Riggers Company Wine Cellars Kensir Ashbury El Cerrito Plaza BART Station'

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2 Responses to East Bay Bike Party January 2022: The Candy Bear Onesie Ride

  1. MTD says:

    Somebody either stole or found both of my 360 cams off my bike during this ride out. If anyone have any information, please reach out to me through 925-237-6583

  2. Emily Velez says:

    Is there a way to please know when you guys reach the second stop of tonight 🤔 so I can join? It would be great thanks .

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