East Bay Bike Party (2021 Reboot): Mask on, Ride on

May be an image of bicycle and text that says 'ക THAT'S HOW I ROLL'

Last we left off was March 2020 with our Social Distance ride, before the Bay Area went under shelter in place / various lockdowns due to the covid-19 pandemic. As vaccinations roll out, viruses cases continue to drop, and folks have gotten more used to ‘living in these times’ – masked, distancing, and washing hands – we’re bringing bike party back for April 2021.

In case it’s not clear: the theme for April 9ths ride is mask appreciation. If it werent for masks we would not be able to host this ride. Decorate your mask, incorporate your mask into a costume, hiss at anyone not wearing a mask, etc.

FRIDAY, APRIL 9th (East Bay Bike Party always rides on the 2nd Friday of the month)
START: Macarthur BART station
Meetup 7:30 PM, rollout 8 pm
ENDS: At Lake Merritt

We’ll post the route the day before the ride

Distance: ~14 miles, very flat

BART: trains stop running well before the ride ends, so plan accordingly.

Regarding potholes and train tracks: as always, we have done our best to minimize risk to riders. Be aware of your surroundings, inflate your tires fully and use a bike light that lets you see the road. The Adeline overpass in west oakland has two holes that can pop your tires if you arent paying attention. There may or may not be cones the night of the ride marking these holes.

**Wear a MASK
**Keep Physical Distance as best as possible
**Do not come if you are sick, or if you are of a vulnerable population
**Be mindful of BART Schedule and plan accordingly

*Stop at Lights
*Stay to the Right
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed
Bike Party is a 100% volunteer led and self-supported ride. Bring what you need to keep yourself going for the night such as: Water, snacks, party favors, bike tools.When in doubt…. BIKE PARTY! And, wear a mask party. 

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