April Flowers Bring May Showers: FLOWER PEDAL

It’s that time of the month again!!!
EAST BAY BIKE PARTYYYY!!! Every second Friday. Meet @7:30, roll out at 8pm.
Meet @ Ashby BART station

Spring has sprung and the flowers are out celebrating! Our first stop will feature many beautiful flowers. Please do your best to enjoy the flowers without harming them.


bring your flowers!!! costumes always encouraged

Please remember the rules as this is an all volunteer run ride, all are welcome (no jerks)
Six simple rules to help ensure everyone has a safe and fun time riding in a large group:
~ Stop at lights
~ Keep to the right
~ Ride straight (and predictably)
~ Don’t hate (Roll past conflict)
~ Pack your Trash
~ Don’t get smashed

Meet @ Ashby BART station, ending near Lake Merritt Pergola/Columns
The ride will end at the columns with a show from the fire spinners. Note to the speaker bikes: the fire spinners have a set playlist they practice with so they kindly asked for a bit of space from large speaker bikes so they can do their routine.
Bike Party rides at night, and the Bay is subject to changing weather conditions. Everyone is responsible for keeping an eye on their own bikes and belongings, locks are good ideas to have for the party stops.**Be prepared to ride 12 miles w/ some hills and 2 stops during the route. Snacks, water, libations, bike tools, anything else you would need- this is a SELF supported ride.

Bike Party is 100% Volunteer run! Find the Green Flag to ask more about volunteering with Bike Party. We always need help the night of for turn volunteers to take a corner. AND WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS. Volunteering at a corner means getting to your assigned corner with the flag, staying at the corner and directing bike traffic through the turn. The end of Bike Party is our ‘Sweep,’ who has an actual broom on their bike and will let you know you’re done volunteering for the turn.

Hope to see you all there!
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