East Bay Bike Party March: Lions & Lambs

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East Bay Bike Party March: Lions & Lambs

Friday, 3/8/19

Meetup 7:30 Pm rollout 8 PM

START: Richmond BART

END: Near El Cerrito Del Norte BART


It’s March baby!

Are we going in like a lion, and out like a lamb?
In like a lamb, out like a lion?
It’s been lions n lambs up and down with the weather we’re having lately!

So come dressed as either, or both, and prepared for all weather possibilities!

We will start at Richmond BART and end near El Cerrito Del Norte BART. We will post the route about a day before the ride.

Ride with bike party in following our six simple rules:
~Stop at Lights
~Stay to the right
~Ride Straight (predictibly)
~Don’t hate (roll past conflict)
~Pack your trash
~Don’t get smashed

Bike Party is a 100% volunteer led, self supported ride. Please bring everything you need for a 12-16 mile ride throughout the evening, such as: Snacks, water, bike tools, clothes/layers, bike lights, and a lock.

Get involved with bike party! Find the green flag at the start of the ride to volunteer at turns. We hold monthly meetings where we plan the next months ride. We welcome anyone who wants to help get involved or help with bike party!

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2 Responses to East Bay Bike Party March: Lions & Lambs

  1. Dan says:

    Says Friday 3/9 for the next gathering but Friday is 3/8.

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