East Bay Bike Party February: Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Bike Party Presents…. A Birthday Ride for Bob Marley!

Friday, February 8, meetup 7:30 PM Rollout 8 PM.

WHERE: Start at Mosswood Park (3 blocks from Macarthur BART)

Ends Downtown Berkeley


Come out to ride as we celebrate the life and love of a legend.

Remember to bring your LIGHTS, LOCKS, and LAYERS.
The Bay Area gets dark! It gets cold! And leaving your bike unattended and unlocked can put it as risk of getting lifted. Bike Party is 100% volunteer led, 100% self supported ride. There is no operating budget or official leadership of bike party. YOU ALL MAKE BIKE PARTY! So make sure you be prepared with snacks, water, and bike tools as well.


*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate (one love!)
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed

These simple ride rules help our large group ride safely together. Please call out folks that you see riding unsafely, displaying bad / rude riding behavior, or are generally being jerks.

Are you interested in helping make Bike Party great??! Step up to volunteer at turn corners the night of bike party. Find the green flag to find our volunteer coordinator.


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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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