East Bay Bike Party January: Climate Change Catastrophe



Start: Frank Ogawa Plaza/ 12th St BART station

Friday, January 11, 2019

Meetup: 7:30 pm, rollout 8 pm.

It’s the end of the world as we know it………… AND NO! WE DON’T FEEL FINE!
We only have 12 years to try to course correct our life-giving planet. Let’s make 2019 the year we don’t back down from a robust and just climate change agenda.

Whether that is participating in politics or just the simple act of riding your bike. We’re all in this world together… and we all don’t want it to get shittier than it already is.

So LET’S START OFF 2019 WITH A RIDE ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Dress up as your favorite weather catastrophe ! Or there are a plethora of endangered animals that are threatened under climate change that you can rep.

CLIMATE ACTION NOW! https://www.earth-strike.com/

Keep your heads and energy up for the good fight in 2019. We can do this, y’all. But make sure to follow these simple rules of bike party!

🌍 Stay to the Right
🌏 Stop at Lights
🌎 Ride Straight
🌍 Don’t Hate
🌏 Pack Your Trash
🌎 Don’t Get Smashed

Bike Party is a 100% Volunteer run, self supported ride. Please be sure to bring everything you need for a night of riding and partying in the bay area: Snacks, bike tools, WEATHER LAYERS!, bike locks, and LIGHTS!

Step up to help keep Bike Party rolling! We are a small, volunteer led group who keeps the basic structure of the rides going. We need corner/turn volunteers the night of the ride, and other volunteers to help lead and organize rides, get the word out, and generally be ambassadors of good ride behavior.
Please reach out if you’re interested in further engaging with us!

About Charlotte

Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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