East Bay Bike Party November: Gratitude

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East Bay Bike Party presents, a Gratitude Ride.
We will be collecting donations for this ride! They will be donated to homeless camps. We will be asking folks to bring one item of good quality clothing and/or one travel size toiletry.
Ride starts Hayward BART and ends at MLK Shoreline park, near Colisieum BART.
Friday, November 9th, meetup 7:30 PM, rollout 8 PM.
It’s getting cold and dark in the bay.
Bike Party is a self supported ride: be sure to bring snacks, bike tools, everything you need to keep yourself bike partyin’!
And our six simple ride rules are so that all bike partyers and ride together safely and securely–
*Stay to the Right
*Stop at Lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack Your Trash
*Don’t Get Smashed

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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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