East Bay Bike Party August: Donut, Disco, Dance!

Of course we’re riding this Friday, always the second Friday of the month!!!!!


Come join us Friday night where our theme collaboration with Bike Party Sacramento (August 3rd) and San Jose Bike Party (August 17th) are continuing on during the month. Meeting time is at 7:30 pm and roll out time is 8 pm. Start point with be in Oakland and ending in Berkeley. Bring all the gear you would need on a long bicycle ride.
Bring them lights, positive disco beats and them sweet donut treats. Friday night is going to be off the hook.

And remember to:
Stay to the right!
Stop at lights!
Pack your trash.
Don’t get smashed.
Ride straight!
Don’t Hate!

Meet up at 7:30 pm. Rolls at 8:00 pm. Meeting at Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94612. Ending at North Berkeley BART.

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