East Bay Bike Party May- STAR BARS: Return of the Wookie

STAR BARS: Return of the Wookie



Bring your intergalactic friends and foes… out for an adventure like none other seen before! Travel with us to galaxy far far away in time long loooong ago. 1st stop has a pump track and last stop has never been done before. Show up early, find the green flag and get a special something. First come first served! While supplies last.

Meeting at the ElCerrito Plaza Bart Station

Friday, May 11, 7:30 PM, roll out 8 PM sharp.

2 never done before EBBP stops!
Light Saber Battles
Beer with an Ewok
Brews with Chewbaka

STOP at lights
Stay to the RIGHT
Ride STRAIGHT (and predictably)
Don’t get smashed!!

Bike Party is a self supported ride. Bring our locks, lights, layers, snacks, bike tools.

See the green flag in the beginning of the ride to help volunteer for a turn! Bike party is 100% volunteer run!

bike party!!!!!!!

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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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