East Bay Bike Party

East Bay Bike Party December – Nightmare Before Solstice Ride



Bike party celebrates the Nightmare Before Solstice! (happy HOLIDAYS y’all…. the Christmas version is copyright Disney;) )

Come with your spooky spirits, favorite holiday sweaters, any and all ways you wish to celebrate the twinkling and terrifying nightmare before Christmas season.
Christmas costumes, Jack Skellington costumes, spooky halloween and any costumes encouraged! This ride is actually a reverse-ish route of October’s 2spooky 2smookey ride.

Friday, December 8, 2017.

Ride starts at Richmond BART, ends in Oakland.

Meetup Richmond BART at 7:30 PM, rollout 8.

BRIGHT YOUR LIGHTS AND WEAR YOUR LAYERS!!!! this will be a cold and dark ride
Stop at lights – stay to the right – ride straight – don’t hate – pack your trash – don’t get smashed!

===== BIKE PARTY ======