East Bay Bike Party October: ToO sPo0kY!

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East Bay Bike Party Rides on FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH of October 2017. Come ride in your finest spookwear, be it halloween costumes, zombies, goblins or ghouls. Don’t forget your lights as we spook up the night.
START: Ashby BART station, 7:30 pm meetup, rollout 8 PM.
ENDS: Near Richmond BART
Avoid any bad luck on such a spooky evening by following our simple ride rules —
STOP at lights
Stay to the RIGHT
Ride STRAIGHT (and predictably)
Don’t get smashed!!
Bike Party is a self supported ride. Bring our locks, lights, layers, snacks, bike tools.
See the green flag in the beginning of the ride to help volunteer for a turn! Bike party is 100% volunteer run (sppoooooky)
bike party!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to East Bay Bike Party October: ToO sPo0kY!

  1. Chuck S. says:

    Please immediately cancel the East Bay Bike Party for October. This happens tomorrow! The air quality is horrendous because of the fires north of here. Exercising or breathing outdoors is not recommended! It’s possible to develop asthma from breathing the toxic smoke in the East Bay. I can’t confirm if this is true, but why take the risk?

    The City of Berkeley just canceled Sunday Streets due to poor air quality. East Bay Bike Party is scheduled two days AFTER the canceled Sunday Streets.

    I completely and totally agree with Michael Palmquist’s post above. I have ridden with Critical Mass (back in the day) and many times with East Bay Bike Party. I thought that East Bay Bike Party was super cool. But, lately it’s out of control! I rode on the last East Bay Bike Party and it was recklessness! Riders repeatedly rode wheelies on the wrong side of the road playing chicken with oncoming vehicles. This happened on Alcatraz approaching MLK. I witnessed it and wish that I had a video. It was sick! The intent was to harass and intimidate anyone in a car. Is this the spirit of East Bay Bike Party? Let’s get our act together!!! This will take organizing and planning. I don’t know if East Bay Bike Party can be saved.

    I realize that many who ride East Bay Bike Party may think that everything is cool. Why change? I have yet to ride East Bay Bike Party without seeing drivers who are so angry and furious that they’re at the point of road rage. This is what East Bay Bike Party delivers. I have thoughts and dreams on how to make East Bay Bike Party a beautiful experience for bicyclists and drivers, but I can’t see the future. I have hope, but I’m seriously discouraged. No more.

  2. Michael Palmquist says:

    Dear Bike Party Community,
    I am writing to ask you all for help…

    I’m a long time East Bay Bike Party (EBBP) volunteer (over 6 years!). You may know me as the guy with the disco ball sound bike, usually assisting the ride leader. Out of my love for EBBP, I’ve invested significant time and treasure into this special event (sound system, lights, dozens of theme inspired playlists). Bike Party’s inclusiveness and positive attitude has always made it special. Early on, volunteers would sit around a table discussing ways to lure more people out of their cars and onto their bikes to enjoy our public spaces together. Our six rules and event themes defined the formula to make it fun and inviting for all. One of the most often heard statements on EBBP is that it’s NOT CRITICAL MASS.

    While a majority of bike party attendees follow the rules, a significant and growing number is breaking the rules – slowly transforming the event into what sometimes looks more like a mob takeover of the streets. Specifically, we’re seeing far too much riding into oncoming traffic, blocking traffic in intersections, recklessly weaving through fellow party-goers (often times while riding a wheelie), and trash being left in our parks.

    The results speak for themselves. Weaving through party goers causes accidents, and even when it doesn’t, it stresses people out. It makes the event less inviting to young, old, and less experienced riders – and generally less fun. Who needs that negativity? Who needs to worry about their safety? Scores of riders, a high percentage being female, have simply stopped coming, making it more “sausage party” than bike party. Many cities have become hostile to hosting us because drivers are calling the police to complain. And generally a lot fewer people are participating in the themes.

    Many of my friends no longer come because of all the reckless riding and negativity. Volunteers have quit. As a visible ambassador of bike party, I become a convenient target for the police. I personally don’t want to be associated with an event that is antagonistic to the communities we visit. I want people who see us ride by to feel that they’re invited to join us.

    Bike Party relies on its participants to make it great. So I’m asking you, the EBBP community to step up and take on a more active role in asserting a culture of inclusiveness and positivity. It starts with knowing the rules (Stay Right, Stop at Lights, Ride Straight, Don’t Hate, Pack Your Trash, Don’t Get Smashed). These are on literally every communication we put out. Next is talking to your friends, and friends of friends, and even others at the party. Make sure that they know the rules and why they matter – some folks might not realize what they’re doing to Bike Party. Always be respectful. And if you just like to ride against our rules, please don’t come to EBBP, there are plenty of other group rides for doing that. Please help bring back more of the positive attitude and civility that EBBP was founded on because someday it may no longer be around for you to enjoy.


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