East Bay Bike Party: The Rave on Wheels Ride!

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In celebration of all things Bay Area Bike Party, we are having a common theme with SFBP as well as SJBP. Come join us and we will dance to the Deep House into the night!
We are meeting a Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley just blocks from Downtown Berkeley BART.

This is a ride for EVERYONE, so please follow Bike Party’s simple rules to make it safe and enjoyable for all:

Stay to the Right
Stop at Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed

Also, don’t forget your: Lights, lock, layers, water, helmet & tools.

This is a self supported ride & volunteer lead ride – looking forward to seeing YOU there. BIKE PARTYYY!!


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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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4 Responses to East Bay Bike Party: The Rave on Wheels Ride!

  1. Ben says:

    Question: Is the East Bay Bike Party different than the critical mass that goes down on First Fridays? When is the next East Bay Bike Party? Thanks!

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi Ben, yes we are a different group. Mainly we have our six simple ‘ride rules’ – stop at lights, stay to the right, ride straight, don’t hate, pack your trash, don’t get smashed.

      East bay bike party is always on the 2nd Friday of the month. SF’s is 1st friday, San Jose is 3rd Friday. So none conflict with critical mass ;)

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