Note on tonight’s EBBP ride.

Bike Party, please read this important message about tonight’s ride in light of recent events in our country and communities:

East Bay Bike Party began in 2009 as a way for Bay Area folks to come together in harmony and good times; to ride, dance, and be merry. We love seeing people from all walks of life come out and join together in this wonderful community and event.

In the wake of the murders in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights, and Dallas, we recognize the pain, anger, and frustration in our community that could affect tonight’s ride. A few points to keep in mind:

1. If we come in contact with protesters tonight, be kind, patient, and respectful; respect their voices, and respect their right to assemble.

2. If we come in contact with any police tonight, respect their duties and follow any instructions they give us. If they tell us to change course, they are doing so for our safety and theirs.

3. Points 1 + 2 = Point 3 – BE RESPECTFUL OF EVERYONE WE ENCOUNTER. Bike Party is a positive, joyous, ridiculous, spirited, inclusive community and we need your participation and consideration to keep it that way!

4. If we have to reroute everyone on the fly, be aware that we may not be able to post turn volunteers at every corner; please keep a copy of the route handy on your phone should you need it!

5. Be safe and Bike Party!

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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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