East Bay Bike Party February: HIGHER Love


This month’s EBBP is taking us to new heights. The theme of February’s ride is HIGHER Love.

Show your love for bikes, heights, and bike party.

Grab your valentine and get ready to get hot and heavy…. As bike party shows its love for some hills! While we aren’t going to scare the SF folks with our route, it’s a little bit more climbing than we usually do. There will be two hills with 300 ft climbing. It’ll be exhilirating if you’re into that kind of riding! Even if you’re not into it- we know you can ride up these gentle hills! And it’ll understandbly be a slow roll up them, with walking a bike up being a totally fine option as well. Additionally, the regroup spots will be posted on the Facebook & Instagram page so you can skip the climbs if you like.

We encourage you all to come get a little higher with us this month. The downhill payoff after you reach the top is worth it. Come on everybody, we want to take you higher and bring you to a higher love!

When & Where?

Friday, February 12. Meetup 7:30 PM, rollout at 8 PM.

North Berkeley BART Station

The ride will end near Downtown Berkeley BART.

As always, don’t forget how we ride:
*Stop at lights
*Stay to the right
*Ride straight
*Don’t hate
*Pack your trash
*Don’t get smashed

Bring your LIGHTS, your LOCK, and your LAYERS!

Bike party is a self-supported ride. Please be ready for 12-15 miles of riding (with regroup stops), and make sure you have your bike tools, any snacks, clothing, a lock, lights, an empty bag to pack your trash in, and a good head on your shoulders!

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2 Responses to East Bay Bike Party February: HIGHER Love

  1. Randy Greer says:

    Watching all the bikes go down Sacramento street past my girlfriends house with the lights on their bikes was great last night. Realizing that after all the bikes went by was that that someone stole the green LED light display from the front yard on my girlfriends house along with the green electrical cord was a bummer. Where is the HIGHER LOVE in that ?

    The hundreds of little green LED lights on the front of her house would of been seen by everyone in your group on Sacramento St. It looked very cool with lots of little green lights up against her house. When I stepped outside after the group had went by, the light display had been stolen.

    Riding as part of a large group does not mean to take things just because they look cool.
    Thank you & ride safe

    • David says:

      Hi Randy! We are sorry to hear that your girlfriend’s LED light display went missing. As with any public event, there is always the risk that somebody with bad intentions will use it as cover to break the law. We certainly would have said something if the theft had been seen by any of the volunteers or regular riders, as any such action is entirely unacceptable. We’ll bring it up with other riders, and hopefully the thief will hear about it, grow a conscience, and return the lights.

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