East Bay Bike Party’s Rat Race Ride to kick off 2016!


Get ready for the wackiest bike party yet. Join East Bay Bike Party on our first ride of 2016. Hosted by the Lake Rats, this will be a RAT RACE like no other.

For January’s East Bay Bike Party, we want you to show us the wackiest you’ve got. Bikes, costumes, games, all of it. Bring out your Art Bikes , Mini Bikes, Tall Bikes and in fact all bikes. The route will be ideal for Mini and Art bikes, meaning that it will not be as quick paced as our other bike party rides.

There will be some things not seen at Bike Party before like short course appliance racing and other mini-bike games. Costumes of all types are encouraged and welcomed. Our resident Pomeranian Toby says he has worked hard on his mini Wookie costume so he is going to wear it. The pace of this ride will be slow so it will be a good ride for kids. The whole plan of the ride is to have people’s asses fall off due to laughing.

When and Where?
Friday, January 8th. Meetup 7:30 PM,  rollout 8 pm.
START: Lake Merritt BART
The ride will end near Lake Merritt BART as well.

Remember how EBBP Rides:
*Stop at Lights
*Stay to the Right
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed
Don’t forget your lights, your lock, and your layers.
Bike Party is a ride that brings out hundreds of riders from different skillsets and on different bikes. Please be respectful of your fellow riders- ride straight and predictably. Be respectful of the communities we roll through- roll past conflict with cars, pedestrians, and other road users.
We encourage music bikes to turn down their volume when we roll through quiet neighborhood streets later in the evening.
We don’t want to trash our beautiful East Bay. If you brought it with you, you can take the trash back home with you. Find a trash can. Find the Recycle bikes. BRING CANS, NOT GLASS- cans are lighter, and they wont break and cause a hazard to bikes.
Bike Party is a PEOPLE POWERED PARTY. While we do know that many bikes and transportation devices have electric assists, we try to encourage pedal power as much as possible. That said, there have recently been some gas powered bikes. This is not cool, is not in the ethos of Bike Party, and does not make a pleasant experience for other partiers. We just want to party together and have fun! So again, be respectful of your fellow riders and the party we are all creating together.
Remember, follow the Green Flag. That is the START of the ride. If you are going ahead of it, you may not end up on the correct route!
Interested in volunteering with Bike Party? We always appreciate our volunteers directing riders at the turns and corners! Find the volunteer coordinator at the green flag before the ride to volunteer.

About Charlotte

Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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3 Responses to East Bay Bike Party’s Rat Race Ride to kick off 2016!

  1. Mike C. says:

    You’re not the red-haired girl who carried the green flag and drank beer?

  2. Katherine Triest says:


    Isn’t the date Jan 8, not Jan. 9? ? thanks

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