East Bay Bike Party December: Get Your Kicks on Ride #66! YOUnity Ride


This December will be Bike Party’s 66TH ride!! So get your kicks on ride 66!
YOUnity RIDE: Dress to represent – yourself, your culture, your ancestry, your personality, your community.

Dress to represent – yourself, your culture, your ancestry, your personality, your community.
Every single one of you who comes out for bike party is what makes bike party our specialy monthly celebration that it is.
When & Where
Friday, December 11
Oakland Colliseum BART
7:30 PM, rollout 8 pm.
The ride will end near 19th street BART.
Following the six simple ride rules also keeps this monthly event as safe as possible for us all and the communities we’re rollin’ in:
* Stop at lights
* Stay to the right
* Ride Straight
* Don’t Hate
* Pack your trash
* Don’t get smashed
When in doubt…. BIKE PARTY!
Some other good gudelines to keep it all rolling:
~~ Keep music down while in neighborhoods late at night- speaker bikes, it’s easy to temporarily take it down a notch or two!
~~ Cans > Glass!! Not only do your bike tires hate glass bottles and broken glass, but the recycle bikes do too. And if you don’t find a trash can or recycle bike to throw your trash away… you brought it there with you, didn’t you? So, I bet ya can pack it out too ;)
And don’t forget to keep yourself in bike mode and party mode the whole night!
*LIGHTS! The sun has died this winter and we hope you are keeping well lit on the streets. Same for bike party.
*LOCKS! Keep an eye on your bike or keep it locked up. Bike party isn’t reseponsible for stolen bikes (or at that matter, anything at all), so let’s all do our due diligence because of course we all grealy lament bike thefts.
*LAYERS! In case any of you didn’t get the memo that it’s been cold.
Again, Bike party is a self supported ride. So inflate your tires before hand, bring your bike tools, and make sure you’ve got your own snacks n fuel for the ride, the party, and your kicks, on EBBP’s ride 66!!!

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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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