East Bay Bike Party November: 60s Ride!

Bike Party is time traveling back to the 1960s this November! It was the decade of hippies, tie-dye, bell-bottoms, paisley, miniskirts, go-go boots, counterculture, anti-war protests, civil rights movement, space exploration, The Beatles and more!

Pick your favorite rad look and meet at Rockridge BART at 7:30pm, roll out at 8pm.

Ends near MacArthur BART.

Be there or be square!

Follow these groovy rules:
Stop at Lights
Stay to the Right
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack your Trash
Don’t get Smashed

Also remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, AND LAYERS!

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Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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5 Responses to East Bay Bike Party November: 60s Ride!

  1. Mike C. says:

    On our next bike party (Dec.) let’s try to ride alcohol free! Let’s all bring different soft drinks from around the world and share them with each other. Let’s show the public that we can have fun without drugs and alcohol.

  2. frazphillips says:

    Lost red backpack last night at the Berkeley aquatic park stop! If you picked it up please contact me, thank you! Uncoveredmoose@gmail.com

  3. Mike Christ says:

    When EBBP first began in ’10 we didn’t have the ‘Sound Wagons’ of today, we had to bring some kind of radio with headphones if we wanted to hear music. We also formed riding groups and sang the popular tunes of the time. Sometimes we would ride by Fenton’s Ice Cream on College(?) Ave. and have old-time ice cream treats. We didn’t have the drinking problems of now. It was fun and very little trouble.

    • Charlotte says:

      Everything used to be better than it is now and change is always terrible forever!

    • Charlotte says:

      There are still many groups of cyclists, riders and bike partiers who ride in smaller groups, sing to the tunes, stop for ice cream, etc. just keep an eye out for smaller rides. Bike Party is a different organism now than what it started as. You should check out the bike party test rides- good vibes in smaller groups.

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