EBBP – September 2015: Gettin’ Rich


Have dream$ about the ea$y life? Enrich your existence by Gettin’ Rich with East Bay Bike Party!

Whether you’re getting your MBA or getting down with the NWA, Bike Party is the best place to be the second Friday of every month!

We here at Bike Party are down with the KI$$ method of riding. So don’t forget our simple ride style:

> Stay to the right
> Stop at lights
> Ride straight
> Don’t hate
> Pack your trash
> Don’t get smashed

We’ll meet across the street from Del Norte BART (same spot as last month because KI$$). Route will be posted on Facebook 24 hours before the ride. End point is near Del Norte BART.

Meet September 11 at 7:30. Rollin’ (in dough) at 8:00.

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1 Response to EBBP – September 2015: Gettin’ Rich

  1. Mike C. says:

    I would like to hold a 100 mile bike party from here to there and back again. Anyone interested?

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