East Bay Bike Party August 2015: A Gathering

The theme for the August ride is something we are calling ” A Gathering “. I’m calling on all the bike crews that inhabit the bay area bike-o-sphere to come out and show your colors and rally around the flag. A flag of your own making. I’m sponsoring a flag contest. The best flag with the most righteous crew wins. Your tribe doesn’t have to be a bike crew. If you want to carry the Warriors banner, feel free, Maybe your tribe wants to carry the banner of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin, go ahead. Burners, Zombie riders, DC Comic fans, yoga practitioners, the list goes on. One of the best things about bike party is how this diverse community, that calls the bay area their home, comes together for the big group bike ride. Let’s celebrate it.The Gathering Ride is all about building up the strength of the bike crews in the area. Group rides are and should be happening all the time with or without EBBP. This next bike party is your crews chance to step up identify yourselves and let the everyone know you are here, you believe in the principles of bike party and you are ready to lead in our biking community.

We will also be hosting a FLAG CONTEST and a DANCE OFF for crews!

I hope you all are working on your flags and getting your crews gear together. The group that wins the Flag/Banner contest will receive a $200 Wholefoods gift card. This could be a good start towards a decent picnic/ BBQ for the winning crew.
Points will be awarded for flag design, clothing coordination and riding presentation.Let us know (comment/communicate to us someway, or fill in this google doc) if you’re planning on reppin’!

How about you dancers?Fill in the spreadsheet to request a song to groove to! We’ll be getting down at the first stop.

Remember our 6 rules, and make sure all your friends and fellow crewmates do too:

*Stay to the Right
*Stop at lights
*Ride Straight
*Don’t Hate
*Pack your Trash
*Don’t get Smashed

When & Where?
Starts at El Cerrito Del Norte BART, ends near Downtown Berkeley BART.
Meetup 7:30 pm, rollout 8.

About Charlotte

Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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1 Response to East Bay Bike Party August 2015: A Gathering

  1. Mike C. says:

    I’m from Wisconsin and just love the towns we go through! Very beautiful victorian homes and wonderful people to meet along the way. (Except the Kenssington area where the police chased us out.)

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