EBBP: April’s FOOL Ride

EBBP April ride banner
Come one, come all, and play the fool at East Bay Bike Party’s April’s ride:
Ride joyously with jesters, jokers, and jugglers. Find camaraderie with clowns and comedians. Joke around with us fools amidst mirth and merryment. Because are we not all fools at the end of the day?
Even Jokers don’t play dumb!
EBBP is a self supported ride that draws hundreds of riders. Let’s keep things safe and respectful for our fellow cyclists, other road users, and the communities we roll through, by following Bike Party’s 6 simple ride rules:
  • Stay to the right
  • Stop at lights
  • Ride straight
  • Don’t hate
  • Pack your trash
  • Don’t get smashed

* Remember the 3 L’s: LIGHTS, LOCKS, LAYERS

* Pump up your tires to avoid flats, and bring tools/a spare tube. We will be rolling through Oakland which means please be on the lookout for road hazards, including __====___—==—=train tracks__====___—==—=

When & Where?

EBBP is always the second Friday of the month

When:  April 10, 2015. Meetup at  7:30 pm, rollout at 8 PM SHARP!

Where: West Oakland BART. The ride will end near West Oakland BART as well.

About Charlotte

Bikes, bay, and beautiful people.
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2 Responses to EBBP: April’s FOOL Ride

  1. Sir Toby Belch says:

    “The Fool doth think he is wise, but the Wise Man knows himself to be a Fool.”

  2. Chapixie says:

    Reblogged this on Sublimali@n Manifesto. and commented:
    Perfect theme for the month!!

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