EBBP – February 2015: Bleeding Hearts


Weeeeee’re baaaack. Love and blood combine for a special Friday the 13th Valentine’s celebration. Feel the warm tingly feelings of love pass through you, or is that the blood loss?

We’re starting at Mosswood Park, which is not a BART station but is very near to MacArthur BART. Meet at 7:30, roll at 8.

Invite your friends, and please remember to take ownership of Bike Party by encouraging everyone to be safe and respectful of your fellow riders and the spaces we ride in. This is how we do it:

  • Stay to the right
  • Stop at lights
  • Ride straight
  • Don’t hate
  • Pack your trash
  • Don’t get smashed
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10 Responses to EBBP – February 2015: Bleeding Hearts

  1. Sir Toby Belch says:

    In March, EBBP again falls on a Friday the 13th. Let’s hope there is one. It could be Friday The 13th v. St. Patrick’s Day. I endorse the idea of meeting at Mosswood or places near BART as opposed to actual BART stations. Too crowded and too many people riding crazy in front of busses and commuters. Plus, getting the attention of BART cops doesn’t help. Maybe it could cut down on the casual knucklehead riders who got EBBP cancelled. Welcome back Bike Party, I’ve missed you !

  2. Guillermo says:

    What’s the route look like ??

  3. Jason says:

    Why are we not meeting at Bart like we always to do

  4. Celeste Cazares says:

    What time???

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