Dearest Bike Party


Did you know that EBBP is entirely volunteer organized? As those volunteers, we would like to talk to you about what happened on the April ride, and how we feel that a few bad apples are spoiling the bunch. In April, we put together a fundraiser for the East Bay Bicycle Coalition, and Trumer Pils donated their space, time, resources, and beer toward this fundraiser. We thought it would be awesome, and it was, until we were informed that someone sprayed graffiti all over the port-a-potties, behind the food trucks, all over the brewery, and then many people left the space a disaster with beer cans and refuse everywhere. 

This is unacceptable. We do not volunteer our time and efforts so that a few ingrates can spoil the event for everyone. We, at our meeting, discussed many options to counteract this problem, and among those options were cancelling bike party, leading the ride over grizzly peak, and having cover charges for after parties. What we settled on fits with our values: We are going to bring more awesome, and YOU are going to help. At the bottom of this letter this is a link to Indiegogo where you may donate to repair the damage to the brewery, so that it does not have to come out of the EBBC coffers. If you love bike party, put your money where your mouth is, and donate.

At next month’s ride, when you come, BRING THE AWESOME, and CALL OUT ASSHOLES. This is YOUR community too! This is what Bike Party thinks is awesome: 

– Stop at Lights: abide by traffic lights. This is NOT Critical Mass.
– Stay to the Right: Don’t be a noob and ride into oncoming traffic.
– Pack your Trash: Leave no trace. No slobs!
– Don’t get Smashed: Save face.
– Ride Straight: Hold your line, tricks are for pros.
– Don’t Hate: respect your fellow man and woman. 
– When in doubt, BIKE PARTY!

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2 Responses to Dearest Bike Party

  1. Jeff says:

    Sorry to hear about this. i did not make this one . also i see people doing thing that make me not want to ride with them.

  2. george spelvin says:

    Dear Bike Candy / Bike Party, I’m so sorry to hear about this. I do realize EBBP is an all volunteer organized event and full props and unlimited love to you all for bringing this to life. I’ve often thought about volunteering for it but I’m way outside the demographic of most of your volunteers and organizers. If it woulld help in some way to avoid incidents like what happened last month, I’ll gladly do it. I love EBBP and want to see it continue. When I got to the Brewery that night, there was a long line and a big jam to get in and I didn’t want to fight the crowd so I hung out on the street for a bit and ended up leading some riders from out of the area back to BART b/c its on my way home. Just a few thoughts on last months ride ; EBBP is getting bigger and it attracts all kinds and that’s the problem. We don’t want all kinds, we want people to ride by the code. I see them every month, ridng on the sidewalk, in the left lane, into oncoming traffric, doing dangerous tricks, running lights etc. I also thought last months ride was a bit short ( I realize it was a fundraiser ) maybe if the rides were lengthened a bit some of these problems could be avoided. In other words, put the emphasis on riding not party stops. Maybe make the ride a little harder too and include some hills. I think your idea of charging for after parties is a good one too. I’m not sanguine about using my personal financial info ove rthe ‘net but I’d love to find a way to make a doantion to help cover the damages. Is it possible, you cn pass the hator have a collection box on May 10th ? I’m volunteering at Frank Ogawa Plaza on BTWD next Thursday. Will EBBP have apresence there where I can donate ? This May will mark one year of going on BP. I really enjoy it and enjoy telling others about it and getting them out to it. I want to see it continue. Whether its the Festival at the Lake ( back in the day ) First Friday or now EBBP, it seems a few ass-hats wan to ruin it for everybody and I’m willing to see that doesn’t happen. Let me know how I can help and how else to doante if there is a way. Best Regards and thanks for all you do. S. Summers aka Major Barbara / George Spelvin what can say ? benefits of a classical education and a life in the theatre.

    Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 00:33:58 +0000 To:

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