End of the World

Those other predictions were bullcocky, but

December 21st is the actual END OF THE WORLD!

So kick off your last days at the PRE-APOCALYPSE EAST BAY BIKE PARTY.

December 14th, absolve your sins and engage in a few more!


You’ve got a garage full of Twinkies and corned beef, but that won’t save you. The last best thing you can do is gather your posse, abandon your inhibitions and throw your panties to the wind!

Here’s your last chance to join the party and wear that gorilla costume/ bejeweled skank suit/ leather chaps/ 80s wedding dress you got on sale. Break into the wine cellar! Dip into the Cubans! Bust out the chamois cream and grease the loincloth! You, your trusty steed, and Bike Party will rock the END OF DAYS!

One thing’s for certain: You need wheels, lights, and layers. And just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk (so mind your Road Manners, people!)

6image 7image 8image

Are you ready? To go out in a BLAZE OF GLORY at the last East Bay Bike Party ever?


Trust us, the post-apocalyptic parties are going to be waaaaay L-A-M-E (since I heard they were canceled anyway).


-Stay Right
-Stop At Lights
-Ride Straight
-Don’t Hate
-Pack Your Trash
-Don’t Get Smashed


December 14th, (second Friday of every month)

Meet at MacArthur Bart Oakland 7:30pm, roll at 8pm. End near Lake Merrit.

Route map: https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=204058024296099837920.0004cf976a594fce01b1a&msa=0&ll=37.823209,-122.286415&spn=0.089765,0.157413&iwloc=0004cf9770c26e9838c23

Turn by turns: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K4LlGxmMF6GWnE6Ho4hbUF-Zyr-IjbWQ2Sqtnz926JA/edit

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  1. Bike Party lets rool to the end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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