December East Bay Bike Party

We have a treat for you this month Bike Party.

It is almost the end of the world!

Are you the cause?

A meteoroid? That destroyed earth?

The Mayan calendar that predicted it?

Maybe even local celeb Harold Camping whose predicted it so many times?

Are you planning to survive with your loaded up bike and a plan?

The end is near – grab your loved ones, and friends and celebrate!!

This is a Pre-Apocalypse Bike Party, come Party With Us Til The End of the World! And bring your A-game, because this could be the Last EB Bike Party, possibly EVER!

(or not) ;)

-Stay Right
-Stop At Lights
-Ride Straight
-Don’t Hate
-Pack Your Trash
-Don’t Get Smashed


As always, we are meet the second Friday of every month.

Meet up at 7:30pm, roll at 8.

This month we are meeting in Oakland.

Route and exact starting place will be posted later.

Now say it with me now: EAST BAY BIKE PARRRTTTYYYY!!

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8 Responses to December East Bay Bike Party

  1. Lawrence says:

    What’s the route? Where does it start? Why is this not posted the day before the ride?

  2. R says:

    Could you please pretty pretty please with LED’s on top post where we’re starting & ending? I can’t make plans with my friends if we don’t know *where* we’re going… Thanks!

  3. I hope that woman on the green bike with in the gas mask & orange bikini bottom will be there.

  4. Orlando says:

    Wheres da route? Bike party!!!!, just got my bike fixed

  5. I would’ve been bummed if the World ended yesterday and Bike Party was cancelled.
    It’s on ! BIKE PARTY !

  6. Terrence Hunter says:

    Nexts east bay bikeparty ?——————————

  7. hot damn im greasing my gears

  8. Josh says:

    No better people to spend the ens with. BIKE.PARTY!!!!!!

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