Things to know for tomorrow’s ride (including the route):

  • SAFETY should be everyone’s first concern. Fun can only happen when people feel safe. Ask anyone who’s crashed a bike, it’s not fun.
  • THE GOLDEN RULE is in effect. If you wouldn’t want a car, bike or pedestrian to do it to you, don’t do it yourself.
  • RIDE STRAIGHT: If you’re zigzagging or hauling past someone super-close, bad things can happen. Ride straight, ride predictably, give other riders some room, and call out if you’re passing (e.g. “On your left.”)

If you’re down with a safe, positive, law-abiding ride, we hope to see you tomorrow.

For the RIDE ROUTE, click here:

PS  In true schoolyard fashion, this month’s amazing ride leader has made a chalk trail along the entire route!! So if you’re wondering where to go, just follow along.

PPS  Jian Bing Johnny’s food bike will be at the start and end of the ride.  If you think you might be hungry, bring cash.

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