Last month during Bike Party, a group of riders ran a red light, and one got hit by a car. Fortunately for him, the rider was able to walk away from the incident. Was this avoidable? Yes. Is this how true Bike Partiers ride? No.

When you ride safely, you help keep yourself and other Bike Partiers safe. When you ride dangerously, you make Bike Party less safe. It’s not large numbers of people, or even sticking with your friends that helps you avoid accidents, IT’S YOU.

The principles behind Bike Party are very simple – a ‘Golden Rule’ for the road. If a car, bike or pedestrian shouldn’t do it to you, you shouldn’t do it to them. It’s what keeps you and your fellow riders safe. It’s how we ride. When YOU ride safely, YOU make Bike Party Safe.

If you think safety is sexy, and plan to bring that kind of sexy back this Friday, read on!

It’s Back-to-School time, so this month’s Bike Party invites you to let your inner child out to play, with a…


Interpret the theme however you like – dress like a child, come as a character from a children’s book, tv show or movie, or recreate some aspect of being a kid in school or in the schoolyard. Fun, safe schoolyard games like frisbee, hopscotch, freeze tag and jumping rope are all encouraged.

We’ll gather at Mosswood Park at 7:30pm and leave at 8pm for a tour of Oakland and Berkeley.


-INVITE WISELY: If you’re inviting friends, make sure that they think that safety is sexy, know the Bike Party code, and arrive at the start of the ride sober

-PICK UP YOUR TRASH: This one’s simple – if you brought it in or ate/drank it, you pack out the can/wrapper/trash with you.

-VOLUNTEER: Volunteer to take a corner and lead the Bike Party through a turn. If you know you want to volunteer, either attend the test ride this Thursday ( or email

-COME PREPARED: This is an unsupported ride, so bring whatever you’d bring if you went on a long solo ride. A patch kit and a bike tool are a good start. If you’re with friends, make sure that at least one of them has things you might need (including a wrench, if you ride a fixie)

-KNOW THE CODE: If you come out this Friday, this is what the people around you will expect. And you’ll make more friends if you ride safely. Making friends and meeting new people is what this ride is about, after all:

  • Stay Right
  • Stop At Lights
  • Ride Straight
  • Don’t Hate
  • Pack Your Trash
  • Don’t Get Smashed

See you Friday, you sexy person.


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