East Bay Bike Party – SHARPIE RIDE: Fri., Aug 10 – Ride Route

The ride route is up for this Friday’s ride (starting from Rockridge BART – arrive starting 7:30pm, depart 8pm):

For a zoomable version of the map, click the image or click here.

The section of Frontage Road we’ll be riding is UNLIT and therefore VERY DARK.  Not only are front and rear lights the law, but on this stretch you’ll be taking an unnecessary risk riding without them.  If you don’t have lights yet, we strongly suggest you check in at your local bike shop and see if they have an inexpensive front/rear light combo pack.

No one ever expects to get separated from the main pack, but it happens.  Without lights, if you find yourself behind or apart from the pack, it will be a very nerve-wracking ride.

BRING LAYERS – We’re going to be riding along (and at a party stop out by) the water.  You’re going to want to bring an extra layer or two, as the temperature will drop and wind will be more of a factor as we get into the ride.

BRING A LOCK – We’ll have two party stops in two different neighborhoods, so if you love it, lock it.

Be smart, be safe, be prepared.  See you on Friday.


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