East Bay Bike Party Gets ‘Best Of’ from East Bay Express

Image Courtesy the East Bay Express

You know you’re doing something right when the East Bay Express gives you a ‘Best Of’ two years in a row.  In their 2012 ‘Best of the East Bay’ insert, the East Bay Bike Party received the title of ‘Best Group Bike Ride for the Fun of It’Read their words here.

Shall we quote a little from the EBX article?

“[East Bay Bike Party] isn’t designed to make any statements, break any rules, or polarize participants. In fact, organizers exhort riders repeatedly to follow traffic laws, stick to the right-hand lane, and be respectful of pedestrians and motorists — even when East Bay Bike Party’s hundreds of bicyclists easily outnumber everyone else on the road… here joy prevails.”

Great job to everyone whose community-positivism and bike-love help make this a continuing ‘Best Of’.  Let’s keep up the energy!  And if you’ve been waiting to ride with a fun, social bunch of folks, think about joining the ride next Second Friday.

If you want to see a Flash flipbook of the Best Of issue, just click here (our mention is on page 78).


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2 Responses to East Bay Bike Party Gets ‘Best Of’ from East Bay Express

  1. ladyfleur says:

    Congratulations for the reader support. Bike Party!

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